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The 3D printer is the best of the best. Admit it: it was love at first sight. Since you saw it on TV you haven’t thought about anything else: The money you could save and how much fun you could have  with a 3D printer! In fact, you already dream of having one and you have reserved the best corner of the house for it… Neither dogs nor milk! You are clear that in your home there is only room for your dreams and for the brand new 3D printer.

How nice this sounds! Truth? But it is our obligation (for your own good) to make you wake up from this “brico-dream” in which you were already manufacturing half a house with the 3D printer, since there is a small setback. Take a breath and sit down, we’ll explain it to you calmly and we’ll remedy it and everything.

The 3d printer uses the latest technologies to bring to reality almost anything that can be devised in two different types of plastic called ABS or PLA, although special resins can also be used . Once it is clear what you want to print, the creation process begins little by little, from the bottom to the top, in layers.

So far perfect, but there is a detail that most vendors do not emphasize as they should: the 3D Printer CREATES FROM A DESIGN . And they will tell you that it is very easy to find 3D plans, or even that you will be able to scan any project or plan effortlessly, but the reality is very different:

  • It is true that you can download “free” designs from web pages, but these designs are limited and copyrighted. If you want to create practical things for yourself, experiment and get the most out of your printer, you will need to learn to use a 3D modeling program.
  • 3D scanners are not the solution to all problems either. Do not think that they are as easy to use as a “normal” scanner. They have to be calibrated and the image has to be methodically measured so that the scan shows no errors. In addition, to create figures with a professional finish, logically, high-end scanners will be needed.
  • And in the event (quite unlikely) that in a short time these drawbacks were corrected and free designs and cheap, easy-to-use and accurate 3D scanners were available , there would only be one small problem: What will happen when you get bored of wasting your new 3D printer making thousands of plastic figurines? Because it is one thing to print the face of a friend in 3D and quite another to create, for example, the sole of a shoe that has broken, a lamp that you have designed with your own imagination or as the father of a disabled boy did: design and create a low-cost prosthesis with a 3D printer

3D technology is an extraordinary advance! We are not saying that it is not worth buying a 3D printer, but one thing is clear: Purchasing cutting-edge technology without having the appropriate knowledge to take advantage of it is not the best idea.

That’s why we have a proposition for you. Take advantage of our 3D courses NOW! We suggest you choose between the two best training options to design and create on 3D printers : the Autocad 2 and 3D Course, and the 3D Studio Max Course.

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