5 curious ways to create renewable energy

Clean energies can be generated in a thousand and one ways. Using different technologies or adapting them in different ways, sometimes surprising results are achieved. how to make renewable energy at home seaweed farm

In this post, we are going to review five unconventional ways to generate renewable energy . Curious initiatives such as the methanization of whey, the use of algae to generate energy while absorbing traffic smog, solar roads, bladeless turbines and, fifthly, wind-powered kites. seaweed farm what is solar roadways

Methanize whey

Converted into energy clean the whey from milk or whey that is used to make dairy products such as cheese or butter is a profitable recycling system that enables methanation which has taken ten years of research. Thanks to this, a waste that is normally considered a waste is used to obtain electricity. how to make renewable energy at home

The initiative, carried out by the Union of producers of Beaufort, in France, has required an investment of 13 million euros. Thanks to this system, this waste is removed and biogas is obtained for use on farms and the sale of the surplus. Specifically, three million kWh are produced each year, equivalent to the average electricity cost of 1,500 people. how to make renewable energy at home seaweed farm

Taking advantage voracious appetite demonstrating algae by the dioxide of carbon , the design team decided to create a Cloud Collective Farm interesting algae to absorb the smog of cities and in turn generate green energy. how to make renewable energy at home what is solar roadways

Perched on a Swedish highway bridge, his farm used the sun and CO2 to grow and produce large amounts of oxygen. A key location to become an unprecedented project, integrated into the city as a green, purifying and energy-generating area that could be placed in the most unexpected places. seaweed farm

The project was installed taking advantage of the celebration of a garden festival in Geneva and, according to its creators, its objective was to cultivate the algae in tubes in especially contaminated public spaces. The system was powered by energy generated by solar panels. how to make renewable energy at home what is solar roadways what are wind turbines

Finally, the cultivation of algae translated into the generation of biodiesel , among other products. In this way, it is also avoided having to allocate agricultural land to the production of plants with which to generate biofuels.

Solar roads

Solar roads have their great hope in the Solar Roadways project. At least, if we want to go beyond the virtual or the prototypes and turn them into a reality on a large scale.

Scott and Julie Brusaw’s proposal is a system based on solar panels and LEDs. Its objective, logically, is to seek a more sustainable future in which the road is self-sustaining. how to make renewable energy at home what is solar roadways  

This has gone a long way . In the first place, a way was sought to protect the electronic part from the weather and from the constant passing of vehicles. In other words, the solar cells that are included inside had to be protected, a great challenge that they have managed to overcome. what is solar roadways

The generation of solar energy had to allow its financing and maintenance, in addition to generating energy capable of lighting it and improving its signaling through night lighting in which LED lights are used.

They have also incorporated a thermal anti-ice system that can be activated when ice or snow accumulates and warning systems for dangers such as the presence of an animal on the road. how to make renewable energy at home what are wind turbines how does a wind turbine generate electricity

His proposal, in short, is a smart road based on a gigantic tapestry of recycled glass hexagonal solar panels that improves nighttime visibility and increases safety thanks to the self-generation of clean energy. And when will we be able to enjoy it? A few months ago it made its second round of financing, so the project is progressing.

It is hard to imagine a turbine wind bladeless, and still costs more to believe that her energy can be collected the wind with efficiency . Nothing could be further from the truth, however. The Spanish start-up Vortex Bladeless has achieved this by taking advantage of the effect known as vorticity, produced when it collides with an object. what is solar roadways how does a wind turbine generate electricity

The appearance is of some posts. Its semi-rigid materials and include piezoelectric materials that deform when made to vibrate by the wind. The eddies formed by the wind are used to begin to oscillate, thereby obtaining mechanical energy . It will be from it that electricity is generated. how to make renewable energy at home

According to their creators, these curious wind turbines are more respectful with the environment , both at the landscape level and when it comes to reducing noise pollution and the risk to birds.

Wind turbine kites

The wind turbine kites of the Makani project, an initiative of Google, allow obtaining wind energy at all times. This is its great advantage over traditional turbines, which need favorable weather conditions.

In this case, on the other hand, it is not necessary to wait for the wind to blow beautifully. It is possible to generate electrical energy from it by going in search of it. But how to do it? Basically ascending, just like a kite does. how to make renewable energy at home how does a wind turbine generate electricity

When the necessary height is reached, a variable height in each case, the objective is achieved . Its airplane shape and remote piloting through software make it easy to get to the right point and also to control the descent. A peculiar invention with which energy production can be doubled. In addition, the infrastructure is cheaper and also its transport and assembly.

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