ABAP course

Choosing to take an Abap course is an excellent option in many ways. Among other things, the most notable is that it is one of the few courses that can boast of not knowing what “unemployment” is.

The truth is that there are several circumstances for ABAP to be one of the programming languages ​​with the greatest job prospects that we currently have:

     1. On the one hand, the scarcity of trained technicians who really master the language.

2. The lack of centers that can carry out an ABAP course with minimum guarantees

3. The large number of companies that entrust their management to SAP, and at the same time the shortage of ABAP programmers, means that the professionals they practice are highly valued and recognized .

What do we propose in the ABAP Barcelona Course?

  • We offer you a unique course in Barcelona.
  • fully customized
  • With an active professional teaching staff, who program every day in ABAP language and who will teach you the keys and fundamentals of this profitable programming language.

You set the level you want to reach, you set your goal

If you are a programmer and would like to turn your professional career around, without a doubt, the ABAP course is your course.

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