Administrative Process Examples

We explain administrative process examples with its four steps. The administrative process is one of the essential parts in a company, and it is the manager who is responsible for its management or management.

The manager can be assisted by duly qualified professionals.

The objective of the administrative processes is to reach or achieve the objectives that gave reason to the company, that is, the corresponding turn.

Administrative process steps

  1. Planning
  2. Organization
  3. Execution and
  4. Control or surveillance

1.- Planning:

Planning establishes the objectives to be achieved and the steps that are necessary to achieve it.

2.- Organization:

The organization distributes work and obligations equitably and logically among the employees, collaborators and subsidiaries of the company; suppliers, distribution companies, etc. are selected.

3.- Execution:

Execution is the realization of the indications assigned to each department, subsidiary or worker and thus achieve the company’s objective.

4.- Control and surveillance:

Control is the phase of the process in which the steps, achievements and objectives indicated are rectified, and the previous processes are redistributed if required.

Example of administration processes

1.- Planning

This company is focused on making cookies for diabetics, which will require a low level of fast absorbing sugars and low cholesterol content.

A 250 m2 property will be leased, which is located on the México Pachuca highway, kilometer 896.5, and the necessary ovens and mixers will be acquired to make these cookies.

Eight specialized nutritionists will be hired, who will have the mission of designing the cookies and eight master bakers who will help and guide the employees who will make the cookies in the corresponding plant.

The calorific and glucose contents of the cookies will be rectified and the request of the secretary of health will be presented to obtain the corresponding permits.

Negotiations will be carried out with distribution companies and commercial chains so that the distribution reaches the entire metropolitan area.

The accountants assigned, will keep the corresponding accounting to distribute the capital of the investors and obtain a sufficient profit margin in a period or greater than six months.

2.- Organization

A commission is formed in charge of acquiring either buying or renting the machinery and buying the raw material.

The manufacture of cookies will be assigned to qualified and appropriate personnel. A team will be hired to rectify the distribution of the product.

3.- Execution

The executives assigned the manufacture of the cookies to, who will have a period of 2 days to manufacture six thousand boxes of cookies.

The executives will sell the cookies to distribution stores, which will be located throughout the metropolitan area.

4.- Control

The corresponding executives will inform the manager of the progress of the company and will inform of any variation or change that occurs or has to be made to establish the corresponding corrections to the planning or other phases to be safe.

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