What is Alexa Internet and how does it work

Alexa Internet is a subsidiary of the California-based company Amazon.com. Alexa is an international meter that has been operating since 1997. It is known for operating the website (www.alexa.com) that provides historical information on the traffic of a website, that is, the number of visits it receives.

Among the results shown, a small statistic is presented showing which countries generate the most traffic and which countries the users of that website come from. This is because Alexa collects information from users who have the Alexa bar installed.

In simple words, the information that Alexa presents about a website is the following:

  • An image of the front page of the website.
  • Traffic Rank of the page (among all the pages that make up the web)
  • Pages visited by the same people who access the current page
  • server speed
  • Since when is the site online?

Alexa measurements are the most respected on the Internet, many Sponsors and advertisers take into account the position in said ranking to promote and sell their products. To explain it better, it is a way of measuring the audience of each Web page in the world.

Alexa information is fully updated every 60 days, occupies more than 500 Terabytes and grows at a rate of 30 Terabytes per month.

Through a series of complex processes, and after analyzing millions of data, Alexa calculates the traffic of Internet sites, classifies them according to their importance, and determines their position in the world ranking.

The position of a website in the “Traffic Rank” is based on traffic data accumulated over a period of three months and takes into account both the number of users (reach) that visit a site, and the number of pages visited (page views). Alexa considers multiple requests for the same address by the same user on the same day as a single page view. With this process, alexa.com has consolidated its ‘ranking’ as the most objective and reliable index on the Internet and reflects the preferences and tastes of users worldwide.

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