Animals that live underground

Have you ever wondered about the amount of animals that exist under our feet? There are many subterranean animals, that is, those that live underground and that only come to the surface on rare occasions. They are animals that over time have adapted to the lack of light and oxygen. In this very particular ecosystem you can basically find fungi, microscopic animals, bacteria, reptiles, insects and mammals.

Camel spider

Although it is popularly called the camel spider, it is not really a true spider. They are solifugal hairy light or dark brown, their body is divided into two regions: cephalothorax where the head is located, the chelicerae, the somites and the pedipalps; and the segmented abdomen.

It is one of the animals that hide under the ground or stones to avoid the sun and are nocturnal animals , that is, during the day they are more hidden and at night they are more active. They live in desert areas and are ferocious predators thanks to their chelicerae that allow them to cut prey into pieces to feed more easily.

Within the species of armadillo, the pink armadillo or also called Pampean pichiciego is the smallest of all, since it only fears between 7 cm and 11 cm long. It has a pink carapace, which covers its light fur.

It is a mammal that burrows at night , in areas close to ant hills. Furthermore, his ability to dig is also used when he feels threatened.


Slugs are gastropod mollusks that do not have a shell and their body is elongated, measuring between 1 and 15 cm, depending on the species. It is a nocturnal animal, although its activity is very marked by climatic conditions, being inactive and can even die at low temperatures, so they hide underground in periods of frost to protect themselves. They also need moisture to make mucus (essential for their movement and protection), also taking refuge in the subsoil in dry times.


They are poisonous animals with a body segmented into several metamers, they have large claws and a large stinger, where the venom vesicle is located, in the posterior region (opistosoma) of the body. They can be seen in areas of abundant vegetation or in arid areas, but they are animals that live under stones , just below the surface of the earth or under logs during the day and are more active at night. Scorpions or scorpions mainly feed on spiders, insects and other small invertebrates.


Ants are small insects that are found almost everywhere on the planet, but they are especially prevalent in tropical forests. In addition, they are hypersocial living in organized communities underground , also in mounds at ground level or in the trunks of trees, like carpenter ants. The ants form nests underground , this being their refuge. Anthills, in general, are made up of a system of tunnels, entrances, and mounds. Ants come out of their nests to collect food, they are omnivorous, consuming almost everything they find around them such as leaves, herbs, seeds, cereals, pieces of fruit, fungi and even carrion.


The gerbil or gerbil of Mongolia is another of the mammals that live underground , it is a small rodent similar to a mouse, with a body covered with hair and the presence of a long tail. It is found inhabiting dry and sandy areas of China and Mongolia. This rodent is nocturnal , since during the day it is in its burrow resting and protecting itself from the dangers of the outside; and at night it goes out in search of food, especially seeds and vegetables.


Earthworms have a soft, elongated body, have a vermiform morphology, and are divided into rings called metamers. They usually measure between 10 and 30 cm. Most of the worms develop their life cycle in the earth , being also very beneficial for its fertility and its maintenance, thanks to the great excavating activity they have. Their excavating activity takes place during the day, while at night they go outside to explore the area. They feed on any substance of plant origin or biological rest that they find.


Moles are small animals with a body covered in dense and velvety fur, their eyes are very small and they hardly see, their limbs are short (specialized for burrowing) and their snout has a pointed shape. Moles are animals that live in tunnels that have been dug by themselves, this system of tunnels together with many chambers is called a burrow. Here you can meet more Animals that live in burrows .

While excavating, many species of moles pull the earth out, forming characteristic mounds on the surface. In general, the mole’s diet is based on the ingestion of worms, although it also eats small reptiles, rodents, tubers and some fruits to complete its diet.

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