Why should you apply SEO to your website

Not everyone is clear about the benefits of SEO on their website. In SEW they have made a list of the 10 main reasons why you should take SEO into account:

1. Accessibility A good SEO strategy should help a page to be more accessible to everyone, which also means that it increases the indexability of search engines.

2. More production of quality content The more you strive to improve your organic positioning with good content, the more likely your website will gain Trust Rank for search engines. This benefits both SEO and users. This should be a balance between a lot of content and a little content, since you don’t want your readers to get lost on the web.

3. Unlimited budget You do not depend on the clicks of any PPC campaign, always with a limited budget. Once you manage to position yourself well, the visits will arrive by themselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without having to pay anything.

4. Interactive public relations It may happen that your company receives bad reviews on the internet, and it may be the case that a domain similar to your brand is above in search engines. To avoid this, you can create different domains or subdomains that occupy the first positions of the results so that your image is not harmed.

5. ROI It is very difficult not to profit from an SEO campaign. Both the money and the effort required for natural positioning are more than compensated, and the benefits are very high and long term. Nothing to do with marketing campaigns that are punctual.

6. Added credibility When you pay to appear in the sponsored results of a search engine, the user knows that you had to pay to be there. If you appear naturally, the client knows that you are there because of the quality of your content, which is a very strong added value.

7. Organic clicks work better There are studies that say that the conversion rate is 60% for natural results. This is logical because the user arrives at your page with the first click and usually finds what they are looking for. Campaigns are more likely to meet curious users or surfers.

8. Ad blockers can harm a campaign You depend on many more factors to receive clicks, such as ad blockers. With SEO, you will always be there in the search engine results.

9. High cost of the most competitive words If you want to receive constant traffic for very competitive words, the prices skyrocket. Applying SEO campaigns, although the investment may be high, the results are permanent, at least in the long term.

10. PPC and CPC While prices increase as there are more competitors for the same words, and despite the fact that SEO cannot guarantee any website to position a certain word, it is always possible to gain visibility on the network by combining words and related terms.

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