Aquarium Fish Diseases And Treatment Important Tips

We express the aquarium fish diseases and treatment with important tips. There are different diseases that can appear in our fish-pond or aquarium, commonly bacterial infections. The main reasons behind this may be poor maintenance, poor water quality, and fish stress. Diseases can be traced by the appearance of some abnormalities such as the presence of spots or lesions on their bodies, which come to the surface in search of air, if inflammation is observed in the abdomen or eyes, as well as decreased appetite. You should also keep a close watch on the PH level of the water.

A hobbyist can easily introduce diseases into his aquarium, by purchasing new invertebrates, fish, decorations, and plants. The greater the number of new organisms you bring to the aquarium, the greater your chances of exposing your fish to various infections. The most effective way to get rid of this problem is to maintain a healthy environment in the aquarium all the time and avoid stressful situations, which is another common factor that causes fish disease and is associated with deterioration of the quality of the fish. Water, temperature variation, over or under supply of food, population density and poor environmental conditions.

Before diagnosing a possible disease, look at the condition of your fish. A healthy fish has a clean body, erect fins, bright color, fast movements, and bright eyes. A sick fish swims with irregular movements, rubs its body against the hard substrate, jumps, rejects food, goes to the surface of the water and secretes a kind of mucus.

• Ichthyopthirius : Commonly known as white spot disease, it appears mainly due to external parasites. If your fish are infected with this parasite, they could present symptoms such as scratching against the ornaments, breathing with difficulty and staying close to the surface, as well as presenting visible white spots on the body. Some measures for these cases can be:

  1. Refrain from adding or removing fish from the infected aquarium and you must quarantine the water.
  2. You must raise the temperature of the water in the aquarium to 85 ° C.
  3. You can relieve stress from sick fish by adding one tablespoon of salt or aquarium pharmaceuticals to every 5 liters of water.
  4. It is important to remove activated carbon and ventilate the aquarium.

• Hexamite : This disease is commonly known as a hole in the head. Stings appear on the fish’s head, at the same time an erosion arises in the muscles around the skin of the fish. In addition, a loss of appetite can be observed, which results in weight loss in the later stages, before the death of the fish occurs. Some tips to treat this disease are:

  1. Remove dead fish from the aquarium so they no longer contaminate the water. You should also quarantine the water and refrain from adding or removing fish from the aquarium.
  2. Relieve the stress of sick fish by adding one tablespoon of salt, antibacterial drugs or pharmaceuticals for aquariums, for every 5 liters of aquarium water.
  3. Active carbon should always be removed and ventilated.

Other types of diseases are known, such as fish lice and skin tail, but you can use the treatment mentioned above for most fish diseases.

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