Aquarium Light With Types In Detail

We express the types of aquarium light in detail. Assuming that the fish tank is to be covered with a cover, the most suitable method of lighting is with fluorescent tubes. The tubes suitable for fish tanks are the same as those for homes and can be found in various sizes. Don’t buy a fluorescent tube the same length as the fish tank, buy the smallest so that it fits inside the cover. You can modify the appearance of the fish tank with various tubes, including those that enhance the red color in fish and plants, as well as white light tubes that provide more neutral lighting. You can mix tubes of different types for better lighting. Keep them well away from water and always use waterproofing in the tubes so that water and electricity do not mix.

Attach a zipper to the overhead line that runs from the air pump in the riser to the lowest of the gravel filter. It will serve as a check valve installed on the overhead line that allows air to pass through the tank but prevents water from passing if the pump fails. The end the airline is submerged under water, there is a natural tendency to drain the water from the fish tank by the siphon when the tube is opened but with the closure this will not happen. Another way to protect yourself against this is to position the air pump above the water level in the tank.

If the fish tank is not going to be covered with a cover there are other possibilities, spotlights mounted on the wall above the fish tank will project dramatic effects in the background that can be seen from different angles. Shadows cast by intense spotlights such as those equipped with metal halogen lamps create excellent places for shy fish to hide inside the fish tank as well as giving it a splendid appearance. The movement of the water surface also creates very effective rippling patterns on the gravel. Mercury lamps are ideal for lighting a fish tank. These bulbs are incredibly powerful and use very little electricity compared to their light output. They can be mounted on the wall or directly above the fish tank. Avoid using ultraviolet rays tubes for safety reasons; Looking directly at them can harm your eyes. There are no fixed limits on lighting levels, all you need is enough light to see the fish, so if the fish tank is in a bright spot, there is no need to put on a light. If you plan to grow plants in the fish tank, you will need at least 4 watts of light per 4.5 liters of water (1 gallon).

Types Of Aquarium Light

There are several types of lights available on the market to put in fish tanks. The type of lighting you need will depend on the type of fish tank system you have installed. You can use basic fluorescent lighting. When you go to choose a lamp, keep in mind the spectrum of the lamp that is the light distribution range, the norm to illuminate the fish tank is a minimum of 0.14W.

The basic and important thing to consider when buying fish tank lighting is to meet the needs of the inhabitants who will live in it. Lighting is important as it supports the growth of photosynthetic plants and invertebrates. Most lighting systems have the basic components such as the reflector, the lamp, the connector, the ballast and an electrical wiring that connects all the components. Placing a high quality reflector will increase the amount of light in the fish tank.

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