Are there really professions without unemployment

At the beginning of 2015, the prestigious labor consulting firm ADECCO published a report detailing those professions that, in its opinion, were going to be the most in demand in the immediate future and with the best remuneration . Therefore, with the intention of advising our students about them, we include the most interesting in this small study based on this article.

Here we show you some of the most demanded job profiles in 2014:

  • SEO-SEM Consultant:  The remuneration of this professional sector ranges between €18,000 and €30,000 gross per year plus incentives. All communications companies need to incorporate professionals trained in the new digital marketing techniques into their staff. A few years ago this job did not exist, so it is a very interesting niche of new jobs. We offer you a Master in Digital Marketing , from the hand of some of the best technicians and specialists in the field that you can find in Barcelona today.
  • Client manager:  Remuneration of €20,000 gross per year. Although it is true that for the client manager profile they usually require higher studies in Economics, Business or Law, to name the most common, it will be the nuances and the economic savings as well as the variety of knowledge and versatility at the training level that could make a company decide on one candidate or another. Having accredited a SAP course , in the CRM customer management module, will surely win many positions in the candidacy for the dream job.
  • Maintenance technician for the energy sector: Remuneration of €18,000 gross per year. For energy companies, there is no crisis, we all have that very clear. The economic progress in developing countries means that this type of company is growing a lot, and hence the need for technicians trained in the country of origin, trustworthy and with guarantees. Surely you must be willing to travel, FP studies and depending on the country, the English language will surely be valued, in the same way that they will ask for knowledge of SAP. The reality is that most large corporations use the German giant as software. Our advice in this case would be to start by taking a production SAP course and another for sales/logistics and familiarize yourself with the environment, to finally specialize in the maintenance module.
  • Senior Java Architect: Remuneration around €40,000 gross per year. This position is vital for many companies, since the knowledge of the programmer helps to make strategic decisions at many levels. We offer you a complete Java course that complements your CV and your experience. Note that we are talking about senior…
  • Executive assistant: Remuneration between €33,000 and €40,000 gross per year. Languages ​​are obviously the key to this position of responsibility, but surely without a good and solid base of knowledge of office automation it will be impossible to access such a job. Of our offer, without a doubt, the certified office automation course would be the one necessary to stand out from the rest of the candidates, with an official Microsoft certification that guarantees our knowledge.

We hope that this selection of ideas of professions without unemployment and the training that you can take at Cipsa to obtain it has been useful to you. When selecting a professional for a job, all points count. Update your knowledge and treat yourself to good training that will help you get the job you dream of!

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