What is AZERTY keyboard

Form of distribution of the keys on a keyboard, based on the French. Its name comes from the first six letters with which the keyboard begins at the top left.

The AZERTY keyboard has several differences from the QWERTY keyboard :

  • A and Q are swapped.
  • Z and W are swapped.
  • M moves from the right of N to the right of L (instead of comma/semicolon (US) umlaut/accent (ES), etc.).
  • The digits 1-0 on the top row occupy the same keys, but to type them you must press shift. The default position is used to display stressed vowels in lowercase.

The French AZERTY keyboard in Windows does not comply with the French language standards. The Imprimerie Nationale recommends the use of accented capitals, but there are no dedicated display keys, or the French quotation marks «» (French word processors mostly convert double quotes to these characters). It also has symbols, both in normal state and with caps pressed, which are rarely used (for example § µ 2), which could be transferred to the keymap with AltGr pressed. On a US keyboard, the key to the left of 1 comes with a grave accent / tilde ( ` / ~ ) ( º / ª ES, ` / ¬ UK), but a Belgian AZERTY produces 2 / 3.

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