Barcelona Subsidized Courses

Barcelona subsidized courses are the ideal option to encourage you to improve your training. At Cipsa we offer you different ways to get training benefiting from very reduced prices or even with the possibility of taking free courses in Barcelona

Subsidized courses Barcelona- commerce / Hospitality

If you work or are self-employed in the commerce and hospitality sector, we have good news: We have designed some free courses especially for you: ONLINE MARKETING FOR THE BUSINESS AND HOSPITALITY SECTOR and CREATION OF WEB PAGES AND BLOGS WITH WORDPRESS + SEO .

This specific training is part of the Barcelona subsidized courses thanks to the Generalitat program of sectoral plans for workers in specific sectors. This program attempts to compensate for the lack of specialized training in these sectors and enables training in new technology to promote competitiveness.

The first Online Marketing course begins on July 7 , in an afternoon schedule: 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Its completion is scheduled for July 31 . If you haven’t signed up yet, hurry up! Find out now , you may still be on time.

You will be interested to know that you will not have to worry about anything, since to attend this subsidized course it will be enough to provide us with your ID and the payroll where you certify the sector of your profession.

Subsidized Courses Barcelona unemployed

If you have lost your job, we have quality training so that you can also take advantage of subsidized courses in Barcelona.

In fact, we have reserved special places for the Online Marketing Courses for the commerce and hospitality sector (Starting in July), as well as for the course on creating web pages and blogs with WordPress+SEO that will start in September .

Carrying out either of these two courses will improve your chances of finding a job or even encourage you to self-employ, since both the marketing course and the creation of web pages can encourage you to work liberally.

Barcelona subsidized courses for employed workers

If you work for someone else – the sector where you carry out your activity is the same – you can take advantage of the possibility of taking Barcelona subsidized courses throughout the year thanks to the agreement with the Tripartite Foundation, which is the body in charge of managing the European Social Fund.

Although the procedures may seem confusing to you or it may even give you some hesitation to request these Barcelona subsidized courses for active workers , rest assured , since we take care of the procedures and they do not harm your company at all.

You can trust our Study Center because our subsidized courses are no different from those we usually offer to the rest of the student body. They have the same quality , but you will enjoy a very adjusted price .

In addition, we carry out a free preliminary study where we provide you with the numbers about your training without cheating or cardboard. And remember, we carry out all the procedures for you at no added cost!

There is still a third detail to take into account: the fact that you can access face-to-face training adds credibility to your resume , since face-to- face training is synonymous with quality training .

As you can see, it is worth finding out about the Barcelona subsidized courses that you can access. From time to time there are new calls, consult them by contacting us without any commitment!

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