Barcode Reader. Types

At present there is a wide range of readers on the market, also called barcode scanners, which differ not only in price, but also in the features they offer to facilitate the capture of data encrypted in the barcodes that accompany the products. Types of Barcode Reader

The variety of offer of this type of data capture device is fundamentally due to the great success they have had on both sides of the production chain, that is, the manufacturer and the consumer, since the manufacturer has implemented a code system of bars allows you multiple advantages for your company.

On the other hand, for the consumer the barcode is a tool that in most cases allows you to have detailed information on the product before purchasing it, directly in the palm of your hand through your smartphone.

Types of Bar Code Readers

Barcode reading with stylus  Types of Barcode Reader

One of the most popular has always been the bar code reader called the stylus, which for years has been the chosen one, especially in retail stores, due to its low cost and its small, handy size. But because pen readers require a great deal of skill from the manager to handle this input device, and they are usually not very resistant to shocks and drops, in addition to offering a slow reading and sometimes they even fail to capture the information of the code of the Bars successfully, since they only work well with codes that have been printed in excellent quality, over time they have been replaced by other types of readers, more sophisticated and with better features.

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Barcode Reading with CCD Scanner Types of Barcode Reader

Another widely used model is usually those CCD-type barcode scanners, which use a CCD-type photodetector sensor, that is, a charge-coupled device, which contains a set of LEDs, which are responsible for emitting light sources and form to get the code information.

Although these types of devices require that the code be in physical contact with the bar reader to make reading possible, the truth is that they offer a fast and efficient reading, since, unlike the optical pencil scanners, they do not produce degradation. of the image when it is scanned.

Within the CCD type readers, there is also a model that, although it does not require direct contact with the barcode, since they allow proximity reading, the truth is that they do not work correctly on uneven surfaces.

Regarding the type of laser scanners, most of the models available today usually allow an efficient and fast reading by proximity to the bar code.

Barcode reading with laser devices

Due to the powerful technology of laser light they provide better results than CCD type scanners and optical pencils, allowing a correct reading of barcodes on any type of surface, regardless of whether the code is printed on a curved or irregular surface. .

Barcode reading with gun-type laser devices Types of Barcode Reader

It is one of the most widely used laser devices, which works through a mechanism that activates the scanner at the moment it is faced with the code to be read. Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to avoid accidental reading of barcodes.

The readers of bar code laser gun are composed of a mirror that oscillates within the device and makes it possible to travel across the entire surface of the bar code without the user having to move the reader.

Its advantage is that it allows the reading of codes on any type of surface, even when they are in poor condition, and on the other hand they are one of the most resistant devices to hostile conditions.

In most cases, they allow a reading at a maximum distance of 20 cm, although there are also special readers that offer the possibility of reaching readings at a distance of up to 5 meters.

Barcode reading with fixed laser scanner Type  of Barcode Reader

Similar to the type of pistol laser scanners , the so-called fixed laser barcode scanners, work in the same way as the previous type, but their difference is that they must be fixed to a surface and do not need to be manipulated by the user.

Omnidirectional Fixed Laser Barcode Reading

As their name indicates, they are characterized by allowing the reading of bar codes in any direction, since they are made up of a set of mirrors that produce an omnidirectional pattern. They are the ones commonly used in supermarkets, since they are the most recommended to obtain an accurate and immediate reading, without errors.

Barcode reading with Autonomous Readers

Other less popular readers, because they tend to be the most expensive, are the standalone type barcode scanners, which are generally used in production plants within the conveyor area.

This type of scanner allows efficient data capture, regardless of the address, the type of barcode, the surface where it is printed and its physical state.

Barcode reading with 2D Readers

Likewise, in recent years the 2D barcode reader has been incorporated , also used in production plants, which allow two-dimensional barcode reading, such as Datamatrix and Maxicode.

Beyond the type of bar code and the reading devices that are selected for the automatic identification of products, the truth is that one of the fundamental components will be the implementation of an effective RF system.

Barcode Readers

In the use of bar codes to implement an automatic product identification system, in order to carry out effective business management by controlling the traceability of goods, the use of various code reading devices is essential.

For this, portable devices are usually incorporated in different areas of the companies that make it possible to read and capture the data contained within the barcode that accompanies the products and packaging.

On the other hand, due to the widespread use of barcodes for products, currently reading devices are also used at the retail level, in almost all stores in the world, in order to streamline sales processes and offer better service.

Bar code readers, also called scanners, consist of a portable type device that, through laser technology, allows the capture of data that has been encoded in the code itself.

How does a barcode reader work?

When a reader reads the information contained in the code, it captures it and then transmits it in numerical form, that is, decoded, to the system that will be in charge of processing the data obtained.

Inside the device there is a decoder, which will be in charge of recognizing the symbology with which the barcode works, to analyze the data obtained, transform it into information, and then transmit it to the central computer.

Barcode reader connection types

In general, most barcode scanners communicate to a computer or terminal through a cable, which can be of the USB or serial port type, although there is also a variant of wireless readers, which communicate through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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Due to the fact that most barcode readers incorporate different types of interfaces to be connected to PCs, communication between both equipment is carried out in a simple and effective way, allowing the information captured by the scanner to be received from any computer.

However, one of the fastest and easiest bar code reader connection interfaces is undoubtedly the one through USB ports, and its advantage lies not only in the transmission speed achieved, but also in the possibility of receiving power supply through the USB port , without the need to add an external power source.

For this reason, the most widely used barcode readers today are those with a USB connection, although in recent years they have been displaced by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology devices.

Free barcode readers for Windows and Android

There are thousands of daily situations in which a barcode can be involved We see them by the millions from breakfast to bedtime, and it is now not remotely possible to dissociate them from showing life.

In this sense, not having a barcode reading application on any of our devices means missing out on many benefits. That is why from this point on we will be able to know some applications that will help us precisely with that task.

The free barcode reading applications that we will mention below can be used whether we have a small business or a thriving company, or even in our own home.

Free barcode reader Zbar

This free, open source barcode reading utility is an excellent and highly refined tool that can even read barcodes from various sources, including video footage, image files, and sensors. It is also compatible with EAN barcodes, QR codes, Code 39 and many others.

One of the key points of Zbar is its simplicity of use, and the spartanness of its graphical interface is not a problem, since we can find all its functions very easily. It should be noted that it is also available for other platforms such as iPhone and the Linux operating system.

Free barcode reader BcWebCam

BcWebCam is a very good free tool that is capable of scanning a barcode and offering almost immediate results online. The application is very easy to use, and the best of all is that it is not necessary to have any special hardware device, to scan a barcode it will only be necessary to have a webcam, which, at a better quality, will be able to offer best results.

For the visualization of the data, the application has a large space that will be in charge of giving us all the information obtained from the scanned item, and to achieve this we only have to capture an image of the barcode and we will be in a position to know the details.

BcWebCam includes support for EAN 13 and EAN 8 barcodes. It is also capable of reading QR codes , commonly used in publications and websites. types of barcode reader

Android QR Code Reader / Scanner

Thanks to Android mobile devices, we can always have a way to read the information of a product by means of its barcode. There are many tools for this, being one of the best apps to read barcodes on Android “QR Code Reader / Scanner”.

Through this free app, we will be able to know many details of the purchase of a product before purchasing it, with all the advantages that this means.

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