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In order to protect our computer from possible attacks, we know very well that we need to use antivirus to prevent the computer from being infected with malicious software, but at this point we also have to take into account that other additional tools are required. , as is the case with antispyware. Best Free Anti Spyware anti spyware programs best spyware software

Entomologically, the term antispywares comes from the conjunction of anti = against, spy = spy, ware = merchandise, that is, they are software programs created to be used on the PC in order to combat malicious software such as spyware, adware , keyloggers, among other spy programs, which are generally a type of software that collects information about the user and is installed on the computer without warning. For this reason, any program installed in a concealed way is considered spyware.  Best Free Anti Spyware

Therefore, it is important to highlight that antispyware is as important as an antivirus, since they serve as a barrier to control pests that circulate on the internet. If you still do not have much experience with the Internet, or you do not use to analyze the pages you visit, it is good to have antispyware installed on your PC. Best Free Anti Spyware

Below we bring you closer to what, in our opinion, are currently the best antispyware programs on the market, so that you can choose which one best suits your user needs. Best Free Anti Spyware anti spyware programs

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Top 5 free antispyware Best Free Anti Spyware

Super Antispyware

Although this show is one of the most recent, it has already earned its fame. It has 10 million users. The program analyzes the system deeply, is fast, and runs in real time. anti spyware programs

Windows Defender

Protection provided by Microsoft to protect your computer against spyware and other malicious software that may be installed on your system. Maintains the security of your system through a deep analysis of installed files, periodic search of the entire system, continuous protection, automatic updates, etc. It has an installation and uninstallation utility. anti spyware programs

Spybot: Search & Destroy Best Free Anti Spyware

Spybot is a very practical tool that eliminates these pests. Remove various types of spyware from your system, such as spybots, keyloggers, and adware. It is considered superior to Ad-Aware, one of its direct competitors, since it detects a greater number of spyware, it is updated much more frequently, as well as having several tools, including the option to immunize your system, blocking some spyware before they are installed. . Your language can be changed to Spanish within the program.

Not only does it clean the PC of spyware and cookies, but it also prevents their automatic installation  and replaces components so as not to impair the operation of other programs that depend on spyware. The latest version also protects operating system configurations  .

Ad-Aware Free

Ad-Aware, now has its new version, more powerful and efficient in protecting your computer. This tool works on the detection and removal of spyware and related items.

Perform a complete scan of your system in search of specific virtual pests, especially those files illegally inserted in shareware programs to monitor and trace a commercial profile of the user.

HiJack This Best Free Anti Spyware

HiJack This is an auxiliary tool for removing any spyware on your computer. It is constantly updated to eliminate new spyware that may appear. The program does a system scan, showing a complete list of active processes, applications that are running alongside Internet Explorer, helpers and hooks.

Spyware Blaster

This free software does not track or remove spyware from the system, but it does prevent Active-X-type spyware, dialers, adware, and others from installing on the system . It works with Internet Explorer in any version of Windows. Newer versions of the software can also be used with the Mozilla browser.

The best paid antispyware Best Free Anti Spyware

McAfee Anti Spyware

In addition to completely blocking and cleaning the PC of spyware of all kinds and having a year of updates , McAfee Anti Spyware allows you to uninstall spyware from its own removal functions , which can improve the performance of the PC by removing it “officially” the software. free anti spyware software

McAfee Privacy Service

The McAfee product does not clean the computer, but it prevents the installation of some types of spyware . It also protects privacy on other levels. Some of these malicious software allow you to control and track browsing, to protect children, for example, from offensive content. This tool actually performs this protection. Best Free Anti Spyware

McAfee Virus Scan Best Free Anti Spyware

Some antivirus, like this one from McAfee,  include spyware and spyware among their targets .

Norton Antivirus

Another popular antivirus that also  protects the PC against spyware.

The best online Antispyware

After the advent of antispyware programs to protect the PC, online versions of antispyware began to appear shortly after. Here we bring you the best alternatives of this type.

E-Trust Pest Scan Best Free Anti Spyware

AC real-time protection never stops searching for potential invaders. On top of that, frequent automatic updates protect you against the latest threats.  CA Anti-Spyware allows you to confidently browse the web,  being sure that your personal information will remain safe and that your computer continues to be safe.

ETrust PestScan  shows you what type of spyware is on your system, it  does not remove or modify files,  for that, it is necessary to use the full version of this tool. Best Free Anti Spyware free anti spyware software

Anti-Spy Software y Browser Cleaner Software

This online scanner was developed together with FaceTime Security Labs, makers of X-Cleaner Spyware Remover. It performs a scan for all adware and many spyware, keyloggers and Trojans.

BitDefender Online Scanner

BitDefender Online Scanner is an online antivirus and antispyware to search for all kinds of pests directly with your Internet Explorer or other browsers . The program searches for and removes various types of malware (spyware, Trojans, adware, worms and others)  without any need for installation. All online.

Kaspersky Online Scanner Best Free Anti Spyware

This online tool does not require any installation. Simply  start looking for viruses and spyware when you access the link below and open a new, separate window in your browser.  It gives us maximum security and quality of analysis  since it uses the same tools of its Kaspersky Labs product.

McAfee FreeScan

McAfee FreeScan  helps you detect viruses and spyware on your computer online , without installing anything. Based on the McAfeeVirusScan engine, it  performs a virus and spyware scan that includes the latest “in the wild” threats and displays a detailed list of infected files.  In the case of detecting viruses or spyware,  FreeScan  shows you links with information about each one and how to clean them. Best Free Anti Spyware

Panda ActiveScan Best Free Anti Spyware

Scans, disinfects, and  removes viruses, spyware, worms, and Trojans from all drives on your computer, compressed files, and from your email.  All for free and online. His specialty is spyware (Spyware),  which represent 84% of the malware installed on computers around the world. 

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