GUIDE: How to Generate a QR Code

The product identification process underwent a revolution with the invention of the well-known barcode. The barcode was practically the only way, for a long time, to be able to establish a mark for tracking and identifying products until other methods appeared, including the QR (Quick Response) code, which was created in 1994 by Toyota, in Japan. Best Free QR Code Generator  free qr code generator google quick qr code generator qr code generator software

Such was its acceptance that it is currently used in a wide variety of implementations, mainly due to its ease of use, but above all, it is the possibility that it offers the user to create their own QR code easily and without turns. free qr code generator google qr code generator software

The considerable increase in smartphone users that has been registered in recent years has a lot to do with this, which made it possible for the use of QR codes to become a common task for all types of users.

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QR code: What is it and how is it used? Best Free QR Code Generator 

What is the QR Code

Basically the QR code is a black and white square 2D graphic that contains pre-set information such as texts, web pages, SMS or phone numbers. Its content can be read through specific devices or applications installed on mobile devices such as phones and tablets , as long as these have a camera among their features.

What is the QR code for Best Free QR Code Generator 

Currently, many magazines publish QR codes so that readers can access some extra related content through their mobile phones or computers . However, other areas also benefit from the QR code.

In some countries it is used on television so that through the code, the viewer can buy or receive extra information about a product or service exhibited in a program. Likewise, the QR code can be used in a wide range of implementations, such as for buying fast food through advertisements on public roads, or obtaining information about points of interest or certain data. free qr code generator google

How to create a QR code? Best Free QR Code Generator 

There are various reasons why we would like to implement the use of the QR Code . Although it may seem difficult to do, the truth is that it is a really simple task that any user, regardless of their level of knowledge, can perform. free qr code generator google quick qr code generator

That is why from this point on we are going to know the best tools to generate QR codes, most of them free and very simple to use, although very powerful and flexible to allow us to download, print or email the code QR generated with them. free qr code generator google quick qr code generator

Web pages to generate QR codes

QR Stuff

One of the best features of QR Stuff is that it allows the creation of QR codes without the need to have previously registered for the service. This tool offers the possibility of generating QR codes from different destinations such as URLs, YouTube videos, telephone numbers and others. Another of the sales that QR Stuff offers is that it also allows the customization of the QR code so that we can modify aspects of its appearance as best suits us. qr code generator software

QR Code Kaywa Best Free QR Code Generator 

Without a doubt it is the simplest tool to generate QR codes that we can find, although perhaps for more advanced users in the creation of QR codes the options presented are not enough. quick qr code generator

In order to use this online QR code generator, all we have to do is register, which will give us access to interesting functions for creating QR codes. In the case of needing something else, such as knowing our QR code statistics or modifying its appearance, we will have to choose to pay a Premium plan.

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QR Code Generator Best Free QR Code Generator 

Another website to generate QR codes that is really very easy to use. As soon as we access it, we find various options to create QR codes, such as from web addresses, text, email, mp3 audio, images, Facebook post or PDF documents. Another feature of QR Code Generator is that it allows us to select whether the QR code we generate is static or dynamic. quick qr code generator qr code generator software Best Free QR Code Generator 

The main advantage of this website is that it allows us to generate personalized QR codes to the maximum, not only in the data it contains but also in its graphic aspect. In this sense, we can select the color, the appearance of the edges or we can even add a gradient, in addition to of course generating QR codes from URLs, videos, audios and others. quick qr code generator qr code generator software

To achieve this flexibility, the user has a WYSIWYG editor, which although the less knowledgeable user in this matter may feel a bit lost, the truth is that it will be of great help for those who already have previous experience.

QR Code Monkey

QR Code Monkey is a website with which we can generate really good QR codes , and without having to register beforehand. All we have to do is add the origin of the content we want to encode in QR, set the appearance options and then create it, as simple as that. It should be noted that various templates are offered, which will be very helpful for more inexperienced users. qr code generator software

Unitag QR

Unitag QR differs a bit from the rest of the websites to generate QR codes because it uses templates directly from the beginning, which can be very helpful to users with less experience in creating this type of codes. We can still come up with really great QR codes.

QR code generators for cell phones

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, cell phones and tablets played a preponderant role in the expansion of the QR code, so from this point on we will know some of the most interesting applications to generate QR code directly on our cell phone.

QR Droid

QR Droid is a fantastic app that allows us to scan, decode, create and share QR codes on Android. Through this app we will be able to generate our own QR codes from SMS, videos, audios or contacts, among others, in the simplest and fastest way possible.

QR reader

For Apple devices, we have the services of QR Reader , an excellent app that allows us to share web pages, phone number, text note, contacts from our calendar and messages, among others, through a QR code.

Undoubtedly, the best feature of this QR code generator for Apple is that the codes that we create with the app can be stored on the device to be able to send them via email or other means such as social networks.

QR codes on the computer using browser extensions

In the event that we do not have a mobile device nearby, or it seems uncomfortable, we can always generate QR codes through the services of the add-ons, also called extensions, for the browser. There are many of these types of apps, but for this case we have selected two, which in our opinion are the most appropriate for the task.

The QR Code Extension

This add-on for Google Chrome allows us to create a QR code using the URL, that is, the web page that we are visiting at that moment. It should be noted that we can add text notes to the generated code, to expand the range of information that we send with it.

QR Code Firefox

Another QR code generator for the Firefox browser that allows us to select a web page and create a QR code with comments, paragraphs, images, videos and others, directly through the context menu of the add-on.

Applications for reading QR codes

Although the most modern cell phones on the market already include applications to read QR codes integrated, the truth is that some phones do not have this possibility, which we will have to look for in the different app stores for a QR code reading application that adapts to our system.

In this sense, the most suitable applications for reading QR codes for all types of users, and which are also free, are the following:

I-nigma Reader

Undoubtedly one of the most popular QR code reading applications in the world, with many features and very easy to use.

Kaywa reader Best Free QR Code Generator 

This QR code reader is from the family of the creators of Kaywa QR Generator, and with the same quality it is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and mobile devices.

QR & Barcode Scanner Best Free QR Code Generator 

There is no doubt that QR & Barcode Scanner is the simplest application for reading QR codes for Android that we can find, which makes it very interesting for all those users with less knowledge on the subject.

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