Big Data for small businesses

Big Data is Information. But it is information “in a big way” and well used. In fact, the term is normally applied to the process of taking advantage of the enormous amount of data that is generated every second by the network or through other external transactions to form statistics, improve decisions and build effective marketing strategies.

We often hear the word Big Data, but sometimes the same word seems to be associated with huge companies with exorbitant budgets. Is it possible to apply Big Data strategies in smaller companies?

Big Data para pymes

There are many ways to use Big Data strategies, even to improve the decision-making of SMEs or freelancers !

Although at first it could be considered that SMEs do not have access to generate significant data collection, nothing is further from the truth. There are some free or almost free techniques that any entrepreneur or SME may have been using without knowing the potential they have in Big Data resources. We are talking about social networks.

Using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, you can get a database that will allow you to analyze the tastes of potential buyers or users to make the right decisions in production or services. Even at the level of CRM or customer service, data such as birthdays can be obtained, which can be taken into account to interact positively with the company’s customers.

Although it is a simpler and more homemade way than what a good, more professional business management system could provide, it must be recognized that the best way to apply Big Data is with the analysis of information, and in social networks, information and ways of interact with customers exist. It is only necessary to apply the data obtained judiciously.

Big Data management programs

It is true that “conventional” Big Data management programs are usually aimed at larger companies and involve a long and expensive implementation for small companies. But it is also true that there are specialized programs for SMEs that take advantage of big data techniques at a slightly more affordable price.

We are talking about the line of management programs SAGE. Facturaplus, Contaplus and Nominaplus make the most of the power of Big Data by collecting the most relevant data for companies and helping with efficient management to be able to attend to all the information when making profitable decisions.

Although many opinions of users who are unaware of the usual use of these programs describe them as thick or complicated with good training, the levels of data use raise the efficiency of management to incredible limits.

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