BIG DATA World: Applications, training and much more

But despite being named more and more normally, it still feels very far away. T he vast majority of people have not even stopped for a moment to think about the daily interaction we have with the massive data that confronts us every day.

Let’s do a little reflection: What could it really contribute to our company or profession? How could we take advantage of good management of this free information that surrounds us?

And think about it for a moment: as soon as you get out of bed you are already accessing the incredible world of big data, even if you are not fully aware of it. Radio, Twitter, News, Stock Market… information and data wherever you look!

Today information flies, data is an indisputable part of this information, and whoever masters the efficient management of the massive data that floods your daily life acquires an unmatched advantage.

If you still think that Big data is too sophisticated, or that it only works for large companies and doesn’t affect you at all, keep reading! In addition to more specialized fields such as data mining or machine learning , there are many professional fields that can benefit from good massive data management .

  • If you are a journalist you will need resources to obtain reliable and truthful information in the shortest possible time.
  • If you work in administration, you will require the right tools to find the necessary data at the right time.
  • If you work in digital marketing, it would be very good for you to take advantage of the amount of massive data that exists on the network to have an advantage over the competition.
  • If you are an analyst, you already know very well the importance of being able to separate superfluous and unnecessary information from that which may be useful.
  • Fields such as agriculture, finance, tourism, research and many more are likely to benefit from proper big data management .

If you are a person with a desire for knowledge, you can achieve what you set out to do if you have resources that support your ambition and work in a personalized way for you.

Today there are several systems to make this possible. In the next point we will show you a tool so that you can increase the power of your big data management and a training resource so that you can introduce yourself to the creation of customized applications for big data management.

Custom applications for incredible big data management

For the treatment of massive data and spectacular optimization of the results obtained with big data, it is possible to create personalized applications with programming languages ​​such as PYTHON. If you are able to develop custom applications, they will work for you, performing the most complex tasks without any effort, and obtaining useful results in the shortest time.

With Python language, apps can be created that prospect previously defined information by filtering irrelevant data in a fast, efficient and automated way.

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