Biophilia, the connection of the human being with nature

The current way of life, especially in cities, disconnects us, distances us from nature. But who does not like to take a walk in the forest , climb a mountain and breathe the fresh air, feel the sea wind on your face, smelling of saltpeter? It is something innate, something atavistic that all people have, on a more or less deep level. It is biophilia , the connection with nature. biophilic architecture biophilic design principles

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In the cities

The designs that are based on the concept of biophilia seek to reconnect people with nature, integrating it into buildings. They look for designs that allow fresh air, natural light and water. Further, it is about creating visual and physical connections, using natural materials and even imitating the forms of nature. If possible, it is built without transforming nature.

Based on the concept of biophilia, on the inevitable relationship that human beings have with the planet, environmentalism and respect for the environment do not try to save the planet, but rather try to save humanity. The planet will continue to exist … without the human being. biophilic architecture biophilic design principles

biophilic architecture biophilic design principles
biophilic architecture

The concept comes from a book written by Edward Osborne Wilson and titled precisely that, Biophilia , published in 1984 and which won two Pulitzer Prizes. Biophilia is the connection to the planet. It has existed in all cultures, anywhere in the world. Because human beings cannot survive without a responsible relationship with the plants, animals and non-living elements of this planet .

Living between concrete buildings and asphalt roads take us away from this natural feeling, but you just have to take a child to a park and see how much fun they have between that oasis of nature in the city to realize that biophilia is there. in the genes. Architects and designers of urban spaces have realized the importance of this concept and try to make cities more natural, if I may express myself.

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