Best Bird Feeder With Types And Examples

We express the best bird feeder pole with types and examples.  If you are willing to buy a bird feeder you should be aware of the different types available on the market. When visiting a renowned store that sells bird feeders, you will find a wide variety, which differ in the amount and type of seeds they can contain and the type of birds they are designed for. I don’t believe in the fact that expensive feeders are more efficient at attracting birds than cheaper ones. If you are willing to buy a feeder as decoration for the house, you must have a good budget. You don’t need to worry about the price if all you want to do is watch the birds come to feed on the seeds.

Birds are not really adept at judging the architectural beauty of feeders as they are more interested in how easy it will be for them to access food. The following types of feeders are generally available in stores.

Types of feeders

Hanging Feeders: The hanging bird feeder tube is usually cylindrical in shape with large openings. In order to keep the seeds safe from squirrels, the feeding points are covered by a wire cage. This type of bird feeder contains mainly sunflower seeds. There is another type of hanging feeder known as the thistle feeder. The shape of this feeder is quite similar to the one mentioned above but the feeding ports are quite small. The feeder is for Nyjer seeds. It does not require any squirrel proof provision as they do not like to feed on these seeds.

High grain warehouse : This type of bird feeder is attractive and effective, being large they are capable of containing several pounds of seeds in them. This feeder is primarily designed for birds that are probably not attracted to hanging cylinders. These spacious feeders are specially designed for heights. Grain warehouse style feeders are usually placed on a wooden pole. They must have a mechanism to drive away squirrels. Birds like Cardinals are primarily attracted to this type of feeder.

Tallow feeders : Tallow feeders are capable of attracting a wide variety of birds such as woodpeckers, tufted birds, climbers and others. Bird feeders are usually made up of a wire covered basket. Tallow can also be offered in nylon or onion skin bags. The tallow is easily found in stores where seeds like sunflower seeds are available, you can still prepare the tallow on your own.

Buzzing Feeders : Buzzing feeders are generally various shapes and colours that are very bright, so they can attract birds. They contain liquid syrup that in most cases is made up of water and sugar. These feeders may not be able to attract birds year-round in cold regions, but in warmer regions birds can feed for all 12 months.

After purchasing the selected bird feeder, you should hang it or place it in a place that the birds can easily access to feed.

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