Bird Tables Making Step By Step

We explain that how to make a bird table platform? A bird table is a structure suspended outside a building or house on which bird food is placed. It is a kind of bird feeder that allows you to put all kinds of food and leftovers for your bird. Most of these tables are made of wood, but many are made of plastic. You should note which table corresponds to your bird’s preferences and well-being.

Bird tables generally have flat spaces where the bird can sit when eating, they also have steps where the birds rest. You can find many bird table designs. Here we provide information so you can make your own wooden bird table.

How to make a bird table? The things you need are:

  • One piece of cedar or oak with a minimum of 9 feet in length for the base
  • A 1 X 1 square or oak shaped piece of board.
  • 6 feet of oak or cedar plank for use around the edges.
  • Heavy hammer
  • Ladder
  • Nails
  • A friend to help you hold the pole that you will use as a base.

Step 1 – Choose a suitable place to set the bird table

  • The bird table should be kept out in the open and away from trees so that squirrels cannot eat your bird’s food.
  • The placement of the table should be visible so you can monitor the birds.
  • The table place should be away from cages of other animals, or usual predator loitering places.

Based on your choice, bird comfort and preference, pick the perfect spot and get ready to put up the base post.

Step 2 – Place the base. Have your friend or helper hold the pole straight so you can pin it to the ground and climb the ladder. You must put it deep in the ground. A 9-foot pole should have at least 1 foot buried in the ground, for a longer one you should go deeper.

Step 3- Make the table. Cut the background to fit the edges of the square board. Use a nailer or hammer and nails to set the edges; This will help keep food in place and help your bird have a place to perch.

Step 4 – Assemble and fill the bird table. Place the tabletop on top of the base and glue it firmly with 2-inch screws. Make sure it is securely attached so that it can stay stable and will not rotate in the wind. Put some seeds, tallow, or leftover food on the bird table and walk away.

The aforementioned information provides a guide on bird tables and how to make them. Making a bird table will always be better since you can design it according to the requirements of the birds you want to attract to it.

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