Canaan Dog Breed

We elaborate about Canaan puppy breed with Canaan dog temperament, training, appearance, weight, life spam and much more information about this breed.

Canaan Dog Other Names

Kelev K’naani

Canaan Dog Weight

37 – 57 pounds (16 -25 kg)

Canaan Dog Size

Male: stand 20 to 24 inches at the shoulder
Females: are smaller at 19 to 23 inches

Canaan Dog Average life Span

12 – 15 years

Canaan Dog Appearance

The Canaan dog is an ancient breed from the Middle East and is well adapted to the harsh conditions of the deserts. It is medium in size, with a truncated wedge-shaped head, pricked ears, and a shaggy tail with a distinctive curve over its back when alert.

Canaan Dog Temperament

It is not a man-made breed of dog, it is one of the few natural breeds that exist today. They have become pets in recent years but still have extremely strong survival instincts that can make them independent and wary. They are territorial but not aggressive towards people, although they can be aggressive towards other dogs. They are trustworthy, obedient, intelligent, independent, kind, faithful, docile, lively, alert, protective, and excellent watchmen. They make good pets and tend to be protective of adults and children. At the age of 10 months they go through a phase of insecurity and may be afraid of things that they do not know, slowly overcoming this as they mature and finally disappearing after 3 or 4 years of age.
With strangers they are cautious so they will alert with barking, making them excellent watchdogs and because they are territorial they should be kept in a fenced yard.

Canaan Dog Training

It is a very intelligent breed that can be trained and become very obedient. The key to this is active training, however you get bored easily if it is repetitive. They excel at grouping in groups and being excellent at tracking, they are meticulously clean and easy to tame. It must be socialized with other pets and children from an early age.


He is an energetic dog, needs a lot of exercise as well as physical and mental challenges.

Canaan Dog WC

It has an intense coat that does not shed frequently, so a weekly brushing will suffice, but when it occurs it is in large quantities, so it must be brushed daily.


It stands out for its resistance to disease and for its healthy constitution, being a very resistant breed with one of the lowest rates of hip dysplasia.

canaan dog breedHistory

The Canaan dog is an ancient breed from the Middle East. They were used to protect and shelter flocks of sheep from the ancient Israelites, which were dispersed by the Romans in the 2nd century. As the Hebrew population dwindled, most of the dogs sought refuge in the Negev Desert, a natural reserve for Israeli wildlife. Avoiding extinction, they remained wild for the most part, although some lived in Bedouin tribes and earned their food by protecting herds and fields; others were Druze guards on Mount Carmel.

During the 1930s the refugee settlements of the people of Israel began to need a guard dog and the Canaan dog was the ideal choice, it was semi-wild and could survive in harsh conditions. Today this dog is still seen as the guardian of the Bedouin tribes and the Israeli army uses them as guardians on their patrols. It is the national dog of Israel and is protected by the laws of this country. Unfortunately, very few wild specimens remain.

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