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  • Spider parts

    Spider parts

    Spiders are a type of arthropods that belong to the arachnids. Currently, up to 45,000 species of spiders have been categorized, within 109 families. They are characterized by their unmistakable morphological structure. Surely you have…

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  • what are flies

    What are flies for

    When the good weather arrives with spring, and especially in midsummer, we are visited by an annoying flying animal that always tries to sniff our food and moves quickly to escape our attempts to scare…

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  • what do ants do

    The importance of ants

    Although ants usually produce rejection, they are insects that can give us lessons and some are very important. In total, about 12,580 species of these hymenoptera have been recorded throughout the world. That is, there…

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  • The importance of spiders

    The importance of spiders

    Some people have a phobia of certain insects: cockroaches, moths, wasps, spiders … or all of them. However, all animals have a utility and we should learn to respect them. Among the above, spiders are…

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  • strange animals

    10 strange animals that you may not know

    Certainly, the animal world is a true mystery and, on more than one occasion, the rare species leave us with our mouths open. Surely, on this list, there is more than one animal that you…

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  • rarest animals in the world

    The rarest animals in the world

    Some are better known than others, and cause sensations of all kinds. They may seem charming, strange, ugly, pretty, fascinating or simply unusual. Similarly, many of them belong to endangered species but all of them…

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  • Beehives in the city to save the bees

    Beehives in the city to save the bees

    Beehives in the city, the dream of urban beekeepers . On rooftops, in gardens, on terraces and balconies, honeycombs of rich honey are home to hundreds of thousands of bees that work tirelessly to produce their…

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  • facts about the animal kingdom

    Some curiosities of the animal kingdom

    The love, defense and care of animals always have to go hand in hand with an ecological conscience and sustainable behavior . The animal kingdom is a whole network to discover, about which you never finish learning.…

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  • False myths about animals

    False myths about animals that we have always believed

    The animal world is also riddled with false myths . Beliefs that we have accepted as true since childhood and that we have not stopped to check. Many of these topics you probably already know are not true,…

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  • Why are frogs raining from the sky

    If you have ever tried to get away from someone or do something using expressions such as “when the pigs fly”, “when it rains frogs from the sky” or “when the frogs raise hair”. Rains…

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