Biology Examples

  • Examples of Carnivorous Animals

    We explain the examples of carnivorous animals. There are different ways to classify animals. One of the characteristics used to make classifications is its diet. Animals that eat plants are herbivores, those that consume mainly insects are…

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  • Examples of Biotechnology

    We explain that what are the examples of biotechnology? with definition and types in detail. Biotechnology is the type of technology that uses biology to implement technological advances. It also refers to the branch of biology…

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  • Example of Organization Levels

    We explain the organizational level example. In Ecology, the Levels of organization describe how organisms are related to each other and to the environment , forming interactions that favor life. The different levels of organization of the biological spectrum…

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  • Examples of Birds

    Examples Of Birds With Types, Behavior Of The Birds And Role Of Birds In Nature

    We express that what are the examples of birds? The birds are vertebrates , whose main feature to have forelimbs modified as wings, which in most cases you can fly. In addition, they have hind limbs, which gives them the…

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  • examples of viviparous animals

    Examples of Viviparous Animals

    We explain the 10 examples of viviparous animals. Viviparous are all those animals whose embryo develops within the protection of the female’s womb, through the gestation process, which is where the embryo receives oxygen, and…

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  • examples of oviparous animals

    Examples of Oviparous Animals

    We express that what are examples of oviparous animals? Among the wide group of animals that exist on our planet there are different types of reproduction. One of them is oviparity. Oviparous animals are those…

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  • 10 examples of unicellular organisms

    Examples of Unicellular Organisms

    We express the 10 examples of unicellular organisms. Unicellular organisms are all those living organisms that are composed of a single cell, having within the cell that composes them all the functions necessary for the…

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  • examples of carnivorous animals

    Examples of Carnivorous Animals

    We express that what are examples of carnivorous animals? The carnivorous animals are those that feed on the flesh of other species, either smaller or herbivorous, so your instinct is stalk them and hunt them as prey. According…

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  • examples of amphibian animals

    Examples of Amphibian Animals

    We express that what are examples of amphibian animals? Currently, approximately 7,500 species of amphibian animals are known . These have their origin 360 million years ago and are characterized by the fact that they belong to both aquatic…

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  • examples of domestic animals

    Examples of Domestic Animals

    We explain that what are examples of domestic animals> Domestic animals are the animal species that humanity has chosen to raise in their own homes and benefit, either with their company or with other resources that…

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