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  • coldest place on earth temperature

    The coldest town in the world

    We never tire of warning that global warming is increasingly evident and sustainability measures must be taken to alleviate a future that looks quite hot. But today we are going with one of those articles…

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  • Fun facts about water

    Fun facts about water

    The water is a transparent colorless chemical substance and nearly is the main constituent of the earth currents, lakes and oceans, and fluids of most living organisms. Its chemical formula is H2O, which means that its molecule…

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  • Why do roses have thorns

    Why do roses have thorns

    The rose bush is the quintessential ornamental plant and has been that way for many years. In fact, the origins of cultivated roses are said to date back to gardening in ancient Imperial China and…

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  • Why is the fruit falling off the tree?

    Why is the fruit falling off the tree?

    If you have fruit trees in your garden, it is very likely that you like to see how the fruits appear and how later, once they are ripe and in good condition, you can eat…

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  • plants harmful to health

    Plants harmful to health

    Gardens are generally safe and interesting places, we all like to be in the garden to enjoy the good weather. It is a great place for adults and children, but you have to be careful…

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  • uses of trees

    Utilities of trees

    I keep talking to you about trees and the many things you can get out of them, as well as giving you some tips for their care. Today I would like to talk to you…

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  • information about sunflowers

    Interesting things about sunflowers

    The sunflowers are the classic yellow flowers that we all love to see on the field when there are thousands together facing the sun. They are beautiful flowers that have filled paintings, works of art,…

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  • Do plants like music

    Can music affect plants

    Although many times people forget that plants are living beings, it is something important that as a society that we live in our home called planet and that thanks to nature we survive, that we…

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  • glow in the dark plants

    Glow in the dark plants

    Surely when you were younger you liked those stickers that were put on the bedroom wall, usually in the shapes of stars and constellations that when the light in the room was turned off they…

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  • tree diseases

    Most common diseases in trees

    Trees can suffer from pests and diseases, and they are also many and we must pay attention to them so that all specimens can be totally healthy at all times. It is also important to…

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