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  • How are keyboards classified

    Keyboards are classified according to their physical form in: 83-Key XT Keyboard: Used on the PC XT (8086/88). AT 83-Key Keyboard: Used with AT PCs (286/386). 101/102 key expanded keyboard: It is the current keyboard, with a greater number…

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  • How are printers classified

    How are printers classified

    How are printers classified: It takes into account the presentation and contrast quality of the printed characters. The printers are classified, according to this aspect in: Normal printers: Such as line, wheel and thermal printers.…

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  • How to recover data from a damaged hard drive

    You can usually recover data from a failed hard drive. However, recovering files on a damaged hard drive is not as simple as other computer problems that can be corrected with a little research. It…

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  • How to recognize that the hard drive is failing

    Like any other device, the hard drive can also have problems. The hard drive is a component that can last for many years working properly, however you can recognize that the hard drive is failing…

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  • How to test and diagnose hard drive problems

    There are several signs that the disk is having problems, the most common symptom of failure with the hard disk is the presence of noises (similar to a grinding or clicking sound) when turning on…

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  • How does the mouse work

    As you move the mouse over a surface, the ball or sensor moves the rollers that are in contact with it. One roller is responsible for the lateral movements and another for the vertical ones.…

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  • How does data storage work

    Data warehousing allows you to capture, manage, and prioritize data. This includes information about applications, databases, data stores, files, backup devices, and cloud storage. Digital information is written to storage media through the use of…

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  • Causes why hard drives get damaged

    Hard drives are mechanical devices, as such they wear out and are susceptible to failure. The most likely reason for a drive to fail prematurely is physical damage to the drive. If a drive is bumped…

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  • structure of the keyboard

    What is the structure of the keyboard

    Structure of the keyboard: A keyboard is made using a microcontroller, usually from the Intel 8048 or 8051 families. These microcontrollers execute their own programs that are recorded in their respective internal ROMs. These programs perform…

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  • What is the difference between SSD, HDD and SSHD

    SSD, HDD and SSHD are different hard drive technologies that allow booting the operating system, running applications and storing personal files, each type of drive has its own set of unique characteristics. Solid state drives…

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