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  • Types of Domain on the Internet

    The domain name is the string of alphanumeric characters that we use to refer to the website. On the Internet, these strings are managed by the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain levels or types are…

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  • New Internet Domain Extensions

    New domain extensions are constantly being proposed and discussed by ICANN in order to look more topical and present a more descriptive touch as to the nature of the website. Many new domain extensions are…

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  • List of Web Domain Extensions by Country

    You have probably noticed that certain websites have two letter domain extensions, generally these suffixes represent the country where the company, business, organization or person that owns the website is located. Country Code Top Level…

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  • What is HTTPS? What is it for? Definition

    Definition of HTTPS HTTPS is the secure version of the HTTP protocol, it uses encryption based on Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to create a secure channel between server and client. The standard port for this protocol…

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  • Who Invented Email - Ayyadurai

    Who Invented Email

    Who Invented Email: VA Shiva Ayyadurai has the copyright on the creation of electronic mail or “email” Shiva began building the system in 1978 at the age of 14. The National Science Foundation was looking…

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  • What are online games

    Online games consist of games where several people participate, all at the same time, from different computers. With what transforms into a virtual battle, between the competitors. The fact of being «on line» refers to…

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  • What are emulators

    Emulators are programs that simulate other operating systems or machines, that we can play or use software designed for other computers on our home PC. Thus, as with emulators, we can play various console games,…

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  • What are game consoles

    Currently, game consoles are one of the best-selling products around the globe. The fanaticism of its followers, for playing each of the games created by the various production companies, has led to the fact that…

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  • What is a web server

    A web server is a program that runs continuously on a computer, waiting for execution requests from a client or an Internet user. The web server is responsible for responding to these requests appropriately, delivering as a result…

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  • What is a proxy server? What is it for? How does it work

    Definition / Concept A proxy server, known simply as a “proxy,” is a computer that facilitates the exchange of data between users on a network. The proxy service can exist on the same machine or on…

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