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  • List of operating system software - types of software distribution

    Examples of operating systems – List of the most used

    List of operating system software: An operating system, abbreviated “OS”, is software that provides the user with an interface, as well as hardware support and support for running and using applications. Operating systems also accept…

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  • Keyboard shortcuts with the Windows Logo (Win key)

    The Windows logo key (Win key,) located at the bottom of modern keyboards, is a powerful tool when it comes to keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Windows. Windows key Open or close the Start menu. Windows…

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  • What is Windows

    Windows Definition Microsoft Windows known simply as Windows (windows); It is a graphical interface operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows is used primarily on personal computers, some versions of servers, and mobile devices. Windows is available in…

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  • What is an Operative System

    Definition of Operating System Operating System is software that communicates with the hardware and allows other programs to run. An operating system provides a virtual machine, that is, it creates an environment in which the user…

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  • What is Linux

    Linux, or GNU/Linux, is an “open source” operating system, which means that it is freely distributed or free. This was developed by enthusiastic volunteers, but its stability and good performance have led many large companies…

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  • What are the functions of the Operating System

    Operating System Features Let’s see in more detail the functions of the operating system: 1. Establish the interface between the user and the hardware – An operating system provides an interface between the user and the…

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  • What is the history of Windows

    Windows 1.0 In 1985 Microsoft released the first version of Windows, a graphical user interface (GUI) for its own operating system (MS-DOS) that had been included on the IBM PC and compatible computers since 1981.…

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  • What are the most common File Extensions

    The extension of a file or file allows the operating system to identify the type of program that is necessary to open said file. The extension of a file is the suffix that follows the…

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  • What are the most used file extensions in Windows

    Windows file names have two parts, the name, a period (which separates the name from the file extension), and the extension (suffix). The extension is a three or four character abbreviation placed after the break…

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  • What is an Executable File

    What is an Executable File

    The extension of a file, which is part that makes up its full name, is a suffix that is at the end and that tells the operating system of the computer, as well as the…

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