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  • free iso mount

    What is an ISO Image

    An ISO image is one of the best ways to  make an exact replica of a DVD, CD or Blu-Ray to keep the original safe, but it also offers other advantages such as the ability…

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  • linux vs windows 10 performance

    Difference Between Linux and Windows

    Who among us has not heard about the battle between Windows users and Linux users ? At this stage of the circumstances surely no one can deny that both sides have their reasons , and of course they have reasons to…

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  • features of linux operating system

    What is Linux OS?

    The cornerstone of this revolutionary operating system, its kernel or kernel, was ready in 1991, by the hand of Linus Torvalds, from whom it has taken its name. For its part, the GNU project was started in 1983…

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  • Computer Slow and Freezing

    Why is Computer Slow and Freezing

    Problems that can cause a slow computer If our computer that we usually use begins to behave in such a way that the slowness in the processes affects our development, we have to take into account that…

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