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  • advances in photovoltaic energy

    3 surprising advances in solar photovoltaic energy

    All forms of innovation deserve their chance, at least in theory, but the reality is quite different. While green energies are in fashion, and you don’t have to be a lynx to realize that they…

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  • Smart cities in the world

    Smart cities in the world

    That of smart cities and smart cities is a concept that in recent years is gaining popularity and that with the passage of time, will become indispensable in our daily lives. When we talk about smart…

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  • What is biotechnology

    What is biotechnology and what is it for

    Biotechnology is a field that can be overwhelming at first. Currently, with all the technological advances that occur in society, this science seems to be in full swing. It is likely that if we hear…

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  • New electric car Opel Corsa-e

    Electrical DNA is already a part of all of us. The revolution in new technologies and the objective of making our environment more useful and, in turn, more sustainable has made the strategy of normalizing…

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  • Uses of solar energy

    Solar energy is a renewable resource provided by the Sun. The Sun is the great star of our Solar System with 1.4 million kilometers in diameter, it is formed by a series of hot gases,…

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  • Advantages of folding electric scooters

    There is a wide variety of folding electric scooters , but do you know which one is right for you? If you are thinking of acquiring this vehicle, it is important to know all its…

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  • rare bikes

    15 rare bikes

    The design of a bicycle seems to have no secrets: its handlebars, its pedals, its saddle, its frame … But within these parameters there is room to invent models of the most peculiar, but no…

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  • example of nanotechnology in medicine

    Types of Nanobots

    Basically, there are currently two types of nanobots: assemblers and self-replicating, clearly differentiated by the way they carry out their tasks. These are: types of nanotechnology examples of nanotechnology examples of nanotechnology products example of nanotechnology in medicine…

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  • What are Nanobots

    What are Nanobots

    What is nanotechnology Summarized in a few words, so that we can all understand it, nanotechnology is the study of the possibility of manipulating matter in truly tiny sizes, between 1 nanometer (nm), which is equivalent to…

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  • examples of wearable technology

    What is Wearable Technology

    If we stop to observe, today almost all people in the world carry some technological element with them, from a smartphone, a tablet, a smartwatch to any other implement, which are basically used to make…

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