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  • examples of wearable technology

    What is Wearable Technology

    If we stop to observe, today almost all people in the world carry some technological element with them, from a smartphone, a tablet, a smartwatch to any other implement, which are basically used to make…

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  • electronic gadgets list

    Types of Technology Devices

    Now that we have walked a bit through the different historical moments in which technology was developed and modified to suit each situation, we can take a broader look at the term “technology”. We know that this…

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  • History of Technology Timeline

    History of Technology Timeline

    Prehistory and technology: from fire and bone to writing As is written in any history book, the prehistoric period ranges from the appearance of hominids with a certain intelligence to purely agricultural societies and the first…

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  • What is The Best Definition of Technology

    What is Technology? Definition

    Over the years and the logical human evolution, which unleashed the significant advance of science, technology has been intrinsically linked with science, giving rise to developments and discoveries that allowed both to grow hand in hand,…

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  • Types of Computer Programming

    Types of Computer Programming

    Currently there are several ways of approaching software programming, which in turn will depend on the language or technique used. These are called types of programming, and we have several at our disposal, which we can use according…

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  • Programming in Computer Science

    What is Programming in Computer Science

    What is programming? As we mentioned above, behind all the software we use every day there is a thorough development and testing process to be able to create and launch a program of any kind. This process…

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  • What is Quantum Computing and How Does it Work

    Quantum Computer: What is it? How Does it Work?

    Already from this precise moment it is glimpsed that the computers of the future will be quantum computers , since the largest technology companies in the world such as Microsoft, Google, Intel or IBM are…

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  • What are Humanoid Robots

    What are Humanoid Robots

    The term humanoid or humanoid robot refers to a specific type of robot, whose main characteristic lies in the fact that it has a physical appearance similar to that of human beings, and that is why…

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  • What is Biometric Technology

    What is Biometric Technology

    As we have seen so far, biometrics is basically the use of a person’s biological characteristics in order to promote unique identification mechanisms. This identification can be carried out through body elements that are not the same,…

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  • Effects of Technology Addiction

    What is Technoaddiction?

    Although the medical studies that exist around technoaddiction are still scarce, so it is not appropriate in this case to speak of pathology, since it has not yet been properly classified within the standards of mental disorders, the…

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