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  • 4D Printing Technology

    4D Printing Technology

    Most likely, when we think about 4D printing, we do it thinking about the spatial concept, but this idea is not entirely true, since while 4D printing continues on the path of printing objects, and is in…

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  • examples of hard technology

    What is Hard Technology?

    Examples of hard technology: Specifically, this technology is the set of technologies that are directly related to the process of transformation of raw materials with the aim of developing other products, artifacts or devices with…

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  • soft technology examples

    What is Soft Technology?

    Soft technology is known as all those knowledge, disciplines, procedures and methodologies related to human interrelations and the social processes that govern them. Unlike hard technologies, soft technology is not tangible, that is, it cannot…

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  • what is history of computer

    History of Computer Technology

    For a long time, in all corners of the world, Humanity was in search of a method that would allow it to symbolize and manage information in a way that could be standardized and in this…

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  • what is computing - Computing technology definition

    What is Computing?

    What is computing system: Computing technology definition: Types of computing: In technical terms, computing is the science that performs an automatic and rational treatment of information as a support for knowledge and communications. It could also be…

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  • 5g vs 4g speed test

    Difference Between 4G and 5G Technology

    Basically, the differences between 4G and 5G mobile communication technologies are bandwidth, radio spectrum, operation, and of course speed, an aspect to which the other conditions mentioned are closely linked. Difference Between 4G and 5G Technology…

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  • 5g network speed

    5G Network Technology and Speed

    5G internet technology There is no doubt that one of the most important characteristics within the platform of the fifth generation of the mobile communications standard resides in the fact that  5G will use multiple input…

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  • telephone invention facts

    Who Invented The Telephone?

    It is the architect of large corporations and the device by which companies around the world quickly expanded by doing business in an agile way regardless of the distance that separated them from their customers…

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  • Latest Technological Inventions

    UNIQUE Technological Inventions

    The technological wonders that we enjoy every moment of our day, and that were so often obtained with blood and suffering, are constant reminders that human effort and talent know no limits when it comes…

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  • computer network and internet

    What is a Computer Network? 

    For those who are unfamiliar with  the world of computer networks, it  is important to know in principle that  one of the first computer networks to be used in packet switching was developed in the mid-sixties by the…

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