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  • Lan and Wan Difference

    Difference between LAN and WAN

    LAN (Local Area Network) Lan and Wan Difference The  Local Area Network (LAN),  or by its translation into Spanish  Local Area Networks,  are the most widespread type of network, being used primarily for the exchange of data and resources between…

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  • low level programming language examples

    High and Low Level Languages

    Low Level Languages The low – level languages are languages completely oriented to the machine, ie are most approximate to the  “Machine Code” , it is at 0 and 1, and it is necessary to know the hardware solidly. low level…

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  • Evolution of Programming Languages

    History and Evolution of Programming Languages

    The history of programming languages ​​dates back to 1840. In that year Ada Lovelace,  considered a pioneer in this field, left important concepts in a recognized work called “Notes” that continue to this day. Evolution of…

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  • history of usb

    History and Evolution of USB

    Since its birth towards the middle of the last decade of the 20th century, and its absolute massification at the beginning of the new century,  USB technology has become the most used type of connector, by…

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  • Importance of Computer

    The Importance of Computing

    Every day, computing acquires more relevance in the lives of people, communities and companies. Its use is already a learning tool that is increasing very rapidly in society. Importance of Computer role of computer This advance in…

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  • computer technology definition

    Computer Technology. Definition

    The terms of technology and information technology , when presented separately, can refer to specific issues of both world, but is this the same when talking about the concept of Information Technology? Computer Technology Definition computer technology…

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  • Best Free QR Code Generator 

    GUIDE: How to Generate a QR Code

    The product identification process underwent a revolution with the invention of the well-known barcode. The barcode was practically the only way, for a long time, to be able to establish a mark for tracking and identifying products…

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  • Synchronization in Communication

    What is Syncing? EVERYTHING!

    Currently, it  is quite common for a user to own not one, but several portable devices such as smartphones, laptops and smartphones, which most of the time they use to complete their work activity. In this scenario,…

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  • ASCII Code of A to Z

    What is the ASCII Code? Character Table

    ASCII  is the acronym for  “American Standard Code for Information Interchange”  . This code was proposed by Robert W. Bemer, seeking to create codes for alphanumeric characters (letters, symbols, numbers and accents). ASCII Code of A to Z…

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  • Low level languages low level programming language

    What is a Programming Language

    Do you want to do a career in computer science? Would you like to program your own applications? If so, then your future is practically assured. Computers and electronic devices are going to shape what Humanity…

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