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  • Types of Computer Networks

    Types of Computer Networks. What is a network? MAN, WLAN, WMAN, WWMAN, SAN, PAN

    At present, it is almost impossible to think of a world where computer networks do not exist, since over the years  they have become absolutely essential for everything to function as it should,  from hospitals…

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  • CPU Brands

    Computer Processor. Full Explaination

    In this article we are going to talk about the processors used in computers,  but it is good to clarify that they are also present in other electronic devices, even in your cell phone , and…

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  • first modern smartphone

    Cellphone. History and Evolution of Cell Phones

    Cell phones  are so called basically because the physical area they cover is in the form of cells . The origin of the cell phone is said to have been around 1973  when the mass consumer electronics company Motorola launched…

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  • Common Types of Batteries

    Batteries, Rechargeable Batteries and Their Types

    With the popularization of equipment such as digital cameras and MP3 players,  rechargeable batteries  are increasingly used. The main reason is the fact that  disposable batteries are expensive for those who need constant use of them . This article will…

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  • Google Storage Free

    Cloud Storage

    Readers with some years, and surely with some gray in their hair, have seen many advances in data storage, and will surely remember with affection those old hard drives, large and heavy as bricks, with…

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  • uses of gps in everyday life

    What is GPS? How Does it Work?

    Basically, GPS is an electronic information system created by the US military and which began to be used by them in 1972. It was actually much more of a test base than a relief tool. Many…

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  • Types of Barcodes How to Identify

    Types of Barcodes. Implementations

    For years, to carry out a correct identification of the products, in order to be able to manage their traceability, the method popularly known as the Bar Code has been used. Types of Barcodes How…

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  • Types of Barcode Reader

    Barcode Reader. Types

    At present there is a wide range of readers on the market, also called barcode scanners, which differ not only in price, but also in the features they offer to facilitate the capture of data encrypted in…

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  • Number System in Computer 

    The Binary System

    The binary system is the most important aspect of computing. You want to know why? Keep reading the rest of the post. Number System in Computer  What you will learn here: All about the concept and…

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  • raid levels explained

    What is RAID? RAID Levels

    In this post we will try to explain the concepts of RAID technology, widely used for critical data operations, where not a single bit of information can be lost due to factors such as mechanical or…

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