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  • New VR Technology

    Virtual Reality: Characteristics, Objectives and History. Lenses and Games

    Beyond the limitless imagination, and the science fiction stories that have accompanied us since childhood, today it is possible to end the barriers that exist between the real world and a totally perceptual and unreal…

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  • What is VoIP Technology

    Megapost: What is VoIP?

    Surely those of us who use applications for communication through our computer equipment such as computers, phones and tablets have heard of the technology called VoIP. However, most users do not know in depth what its…

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  • examples of direct marketing

    Examples of Direct Marketing

    We explain that what are examples of Direct Marketing? The direct marketing is used as an advertising campaign to gain a result in a short time and that it is effective. This type of marketing aims to create good communication between advertisers…

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  • Examples of Formal Emails

    We explain that what are examples of Formal Emails? Formal emails are defined as the tool used to send any type of information through a message. It is important whenever you are going to send an email in a…

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  • Examples of Smart Goals

    We explain that what are examples of Smart Goals? Smart objectives are defined as the objective that is used to make more acceptable decisions to obtain good success in your business. cc In any company it is…

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  • Examples of Browser

    We explain that what are examples of browser? with definition, source and functions of browser in detail to better understand the concept. What is a browser? Navigator is an adjective that refers to or refers…

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  • Examples of Planned Obsolescence

    We explain that what are examples of planned obsolescence? It is defined as programmed obsolescence to the useful life that some factories give to the products that they manufacture at the end of the useful life period…

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  • Examples of Media Plan

    We explain that what are examples of Media Plan? A media plan is defined as the set of strategies used to select the best media so that the message to be conveyed can be received by a large…

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