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  • what are macro viruses

    Macro virus. What are they? How to fight them

    How to prevent macro viruses: Since the computer began to be popular and used in practically any field and for any task,  viruses have accompanied its growth and expansion. And although in those first moments it…

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  • What is an Adware

    What is an Adware? What types of adware are there? How to combat them?

    In today’s complex world of computing, and especially in what refers to the even more complicated universe of the Internet, where advertising and obtaining data from the users who use it are of primary interest to…

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  • what is phishing

    What is Phishing? Types, protections and more!

    In recent years, for hackers and other cybercriminals , as well as for most companies, our data has become of much more important value than simply selling us anything through advertising in the mail, applications…

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  • The best free antivirus for Windows 10

    The Best Free Antivirus for Windows 10

    A fundamental dilemma for all computer users is antivirus protection,  that is, which of all the antivirus programs for Windows 10 that exist on the market is the right one for their needs,  and which also…

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  • How do viruses attack

    How do viruses attack?

    Every day that passes we are more exposed to the threat posed by computer viruses , even more so when technology allows us to incorporate into our daily lives an endless number of devices such as…

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  • All about Malware: Viruses

    All about Malware: Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, and Other Threats

    Anyone who uses a computer with Internet access on a daily basis or who often shares files with other users frequently hears the words viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, and malware. It is common for us to…

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  • Best Free Anti Spyware

    Best Free Anti Spyware

    In order to protect our computer from possible attacks, we know very well that we need to use antivirus to prevent the computer from being infected with malicious software, but at this point we also have to take into…

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  • trojan remover full

    How to Remove Trojan

    Step 1 Download and install an updated antivirus. In this link you will find  the best free antivirus . You will also find instructions to install and configure them to be able to navigate and perform our tasks with…

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  • how does antivirus software work

    How an Antivirus Works

    Basically, an Antivirus works in the following way: purpose of antivirus how does antivirus software work It inspects (Scan) all the emails that are received on the computer and looks for viruses to remove that could…

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  • How to Prevent Ransomware Attack

    How to Prevent Ransomware Attack

    The first rule that we have to put into practice to avoid problems with Ransomware is to take special care, when browsing the Internet, not to access sites that seem suspicious due to being too similar to…

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