Chickens As Pets With Tips For Caring Chickens

The allure of having a cute, fluffy chick as a pet is hard to resist. Chickens are low-maintenance pets and ideal as backyard pets, yet they require a shelter that can guarantee them safety, light, food, water, and adequate heat to thrive successfully. So if you are fond of these little feather balls, read on to learn more about the chicks as pets.

Feed your chicks in the morning with good quality pellets. Feed them pre-mixed grains in the afternoon. Provide a steady supply of clean, fresh water. They also enjoy shelled corn, wheat, safflower, and sunflower. Limit bread, bugs, worms, or table leftovers to a quarter of your diet, otherwise you won’t be able to get proper nutrition. Feed them with lettuce, spinach, cabbage leaves, and green vegetables, you can also give them some poultry sand and crushed oyster shells.

The cage for your chicks should be wide, so that they can move freely. Keep the cage full of wood chips from a pet store, pine or cedar varieties should not be used. Provide her with water, a plate of food, and something to hang out in the cage. A plate of leftover food or treats will make a mess in the cage. Attach a perch to the other side of the cage, halfway so that the chicks can perch on it.

Tips for caring for chickens as pets

1. Place chicken coop 4-5 inches off the ground.
2. When selecting a light bulb, go for a red light bulb or lamp, instead of choosing a white light bulb or lamp. Red light can help your chickens relax and sleep, as red light is darker.
3. Always keep in mind that chicks love to scratch and peck, and create a fine powder that covers the surrounding area.

4. Provide your chicks with feed, clean water and living space.
7. Clean the cage regularly.
8. Protect your chicks from other pets with predatory instincts.

Chickens are generally not suitable for keeping with other pets, although you can keep ducks with them. A pet chick is a joy, they are warm, loving, very sweet and personable, and it will take little time to become your best friend. With the help of the tips above, you can keep him safe and sound, and enjoy his company for a long period of time.


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