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Readers with some years, and surely with some gray in their hair, have seen many advances in data storage, and will surely remember with affection those old hard drives, large and heavy as bricks, with only about 44 megabytes of capacity. that equipped the old XTs, and obviously they have also seen the first storage units of more than one Gb. capacity hit the market, a revolution at the time. Google Storage Free

But history is history, and with the rapid advance in technology in the construction processes of this type of device, today we can have hard drives of up to 3 Tb. capacity, which allows us to store impressive volumes of information at a reasonable speed and in a reduced space, as well as being very economical.

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Virtual Storage. Why store information on the web Google Storage Free

Through data storage web services, today it is possible to store our data and files in cyberspace, something that a few years ago would have been unthinkable. These “virtual hard drives” make it easy for users to save online copies of their files, while being able to share them with other Internet users.

Obviously, it is a very useful solution for all those people who require constant mobility for work or professional reasons. These services allow you to make backup copies of files and be able to access them from any computer connected to the Internet. But they also provide us with other very useful features, such as:

Security and practicality: In addition, it allows us to have a space where we can protect the information that is most sensitive to our interests, in the event of any inconvenience that may arise with the equipment or device where we usually store our data. Of course, we will have a security key to be able to access the virtual storage account privately .

Meanwhile, in order to also share the information that we are interested in disseminating or presenting to someone, it is also possible to divide our files into public or private folders. In those of public access we will be able to place certain files that later, through a link that we provide, anyone can download to their computer.

Different options: These virtual storage services generally offer free accounts for small amounts of data, and if the objective is to store a greater amount of information, we will have to contract a paid account for a specific monthly or annual subscription. There is a large number of websites that offer these services.

It is worth noting that the data transmission is carried out using encryption technology, and that it is also possible to save all types of files: images, videos, songs and audio and documents in practically all formats, among other possibilities. Some companies that provide this service offer automatic backups on their clients’ computers.

Versatility: Access to content can be done at any time and place, and with any device that allows us to access a web browser. In this way, a professional can access his most important documents during a business trip, through his laptop, tablet or even with a last generation cell phone connected to the Internet.

Some of the sites that offer virtual storage are Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Drop Box, and Mega, among many others. They differ mainly in the online storage capacities they offer , the value of higher capacity accounts, and the possibility that some of them offer to use online software for the purpose of editing documents and files of different extensions.

Cloud data backup Google Storage Free

As we know, there are many ways to store important information when backing up. When opting for an external storage medium, it is important to remember the practicality and advantages of having a large amount of information stored on removable hardware with a large storage capacity.

For these purposes we have the help of external hard drives, DVDs and CDs, pendrives and memory cards, however, backing up our data in the cloud is an option that is gaining strength among all types of users.

This is mainly due to the multiple advantages offered by making a backup in the cloud, such as having the possibility of recovering it from any computer with any operating system, from anywhere in the world and at the time we deem it necessary.

This type of data storage on remote servers has been possible thanks to the massification of Internet connections, in addition to the speed that they can now reach, which has captivated hundreds of thousands of users who currently prefer to store their data in these spaces in the cloud before they do on their computers.

Of course, this also has a lot to do with the appearance on the market of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones with enough hardware capacity to be able to work on them in the same way as we do with a desktop computer.

That is why users now have the vast majority of their documents stored in the cloud, including photos, videos, Excel spreadsheets, written in Word, music and many other content, no longer for a matter of having them stored elsewhere by “If something happens”, but for a simple matter of mobility and availability.

Cloud Storage: The Most Popular Alternatives Google Storage Free

There are many companies that provide the cloud storage service , but not all of them can offer the degree of security and reliability that we have selected for this post on online data storage.

These have been chosen for several reasons, and among which are included the possibility of accessing the data stored in the service from any operating system, browser or device that we have available, the free storage capacity they offer , the security that it provides. to our data and of course the reputation of the company.

Cloud storage services comparison Google Storage Free

Generally, the strategy used by the companies that provide this service is to attract customers through the free transfer of a certain amount of storage space in it. For most users this amount, usually about 5Gb, is more than enough, but starting to store data there can quickly turn into a vice and this amount will start to be insufficient. And that’s where these companies do their business, if you need more space, buy it.

Basically, the most popular service, that is, the one we surely think of when we talk about cloud storage , is Dropbox, but there are other alternatives as good as the latter, and that even offer more storage capacity. They are Google with Drive, Microsoft with OneDrive and Mega, the latter born from the ashes of Mega upload. We also have Sugar Sync, but the latter, unlike the others, is paid.

From this point, we can find a list with the best characteristics of each service, which in the case of needing to join a cloud storage service , we can have an idea about what each service offers and select the one that better fit our needs.

Cloud storage with Dropbox Google Storage Free

Without a doubt, the simplest cloud storage service to use is Dropbox, thanks to its intuitive interface, towards which it is even possible to drag files and initiate a transfer, among many other functionalities.

In addition, Dropbox offers various tools such as change history and encryption for content. One of its best features is the ability to work collaboratively.

As for the free storage space, and free space offered by Dropbox is 2 Gb, which can grow to 18 Gb. Thanks to the referral system. Now, if we need more space, we will have to opt for one of the paid offers.

Cloud storage with Google Drive Google Storage Free

Google Drive offers a significant improvement in the storage space offered in relation to Dropbox since it offers 15 Gb for free . of storage space , which can be expanded through a monthly fee that allows us to adapt the space to our needs.

But without a doubt where Google Drive stands out the most is in its integration with other company services, including the Android operating system. It also has clients for desktops and smartphones, which will allow us to take advantage of the benefits that Google Docs offers us , that is, the possibility of creating and editing text documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly in the cloud.

Cloud storage with Microsoft OneDrive Google Storage Free

The best, and undoubtedly the most useful feature, especially for all those users who need extreme mobility, is that OneDrive is fully integrated with Office, which allows us to have optimal compatibility in all our documents, be it on the platform that be.

With OneDrive, we can create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents from any device as if we were doing it on our own desktop PC.

Although the oldest users of the service have 30 Gb. Of free space, currently OneDrive offers “only” 5 Gb. Of space, which we can increase through a fee to suit our needs.

Cloud storage with SugarSync Google Storage Free

Sugar Sync is one of the most complete alternatives on the market, especially for storage “Power Users”, since it offers features such as the possibility of synchronizing any folder on our computer, as well as the so-called “Magic Capeta” and many other functionalities. more such as password protection of files and folders and the ability to sync certain items with specific devices. But sadly Sugar Sync is the only one of the storage services mentioned in this post that doesn’t offer free space.

In contrast, Sugar Sync is not one of the easiest services to use, but the large number of features it offers make it the ideal alternative for all those who want something more from their service.

As for the increase in space, with Sugar Sync we can have growth from 100 Gb. For $ 7.50 per month to 1 Tb. for u $ s 55 a month.

It should be noted that it is compatible with practically any operating system and device, including Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Cloud storage with Mega Google Storage Free

Perhaps because it is the newest of the services reviewed in this report, Mega ranks last, but it is definitely not because it is a bad alternative.

Born from the ashes of the defunct Mega upload, Mega offers quite a few features, and its engineers are hard at work expanding the range of options.

However, it stands out mainly for a single and powerful reason: the 50 GB of free space that it offers us.

In the event that someone needs more than 50 GB of space, Mega has 4 different plans ranging from 200 GB of storage for 5 Euros to 8 Tb for 30 Euros per month.

The 5 best places to store our music for free Google Storage Free

Throughout this special article we will find the best free music hosting sites , which will help us keep our favorite songs always available to listen to them in the place and time that we see fit.

All these applications, in addition to being free, have in common working with services provided by the cloud, with which we will not have to worry about the loss of our favorite music in the event that our computer or external disk is damaged.

Store music in the cloud for free with Google Play Music

Google Play Music is totally free, easy to use and fast, and is mainly aimed at all those users who want to store their music collection in the cloud to access it at any time, and synchronize it whenever they want.

With Play Music we will be able to load our music collection online and synchronize it with any portable device we have, anytime, anywhere.

One of the best features of the application is that in the case of not being connected to the Internet, the software will still allow us to access our recently played files . It is also possible to select the specific albums, artists and playlists that we want to have at our disposal when we are not connected.

Is there a difference between MBps and Mbps

Store music in the cloud for free with

This is one of the best applications that we can find in the market to host our music collection in the cloud, due to its speed, convenience and options offered, it becomes one of the best alternatives for this task. is an open and global platform to store, manage and our media library directly in the Cloud . This simple application is easy to administer and operate, since the tools provided with it will allow us not only to store music in the cloud, but also to manage and organize it completely online.

Although it is not a free service, the truth is that it offers spectacular features, including the necessary support for integration with Audio Box Cloud, Audio Box Desktop, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, YouTube and SoundCloud, with which we will be in a position to easily share our music files with other users and get the latest updates on their movements.

All about Google Drive: Free virtual storage

As we well know, Google is one of the pioneers in the web field, and has contributed greatly to the expansion of the Internet and the services based on it. In this sense, one of the company’s online services that have undoubtedly grown the most in recent times is Google Drive.

Although Google’s cloud storage system does not offer anything new or particularly striking, the truth is that just the name of the company in such a service is a guarantee of good operation and stability, taking into account that practically anything that comes from Google is excellent. To illustrate this point we can mention Gmail, Android and Chrome, just to cite a few examples.

What does Google Drive offer us?

The use that we can give to Google Drive, like any other type of online storage service is almost infinite, it is only a matter of sharpening the imagination, but the main milestones of the “Cloud Storage” offered by Google developers consist of The next points:

Create and collaborate on Google Drive: From now on, Google Docs will offer the necessary support to be used with Google Drive, so we can work on a project together with our colleagues in real time. In other words, we will be able to create and make modifications to documents such as data sheets, text and presentations from a distance practically as if we were doing it at the same table.

Store and access documents from any location: One of the most interesting features of Google Drive is that it can be used from practically any device with an Internet connection, tablets, smartphones and desktop PCs will have their client that will allow them to use the service without any inconvenient.

Usefulness in multiple operating systems : Regarding the platforms, Google has reported that it can be used on Android, iOS and other operating systems, while the versions for Mac and Windows are already available and can be downloaded immediately.

Absolute integration: It is absolutely correct to think that Google and the word search are synonymous, well, that is precisely what the developers of the search engine wanted for their product, to be able to easily find any document or file that we have stored in the storage service. Searching in Google Drive is a fairly simple task, since we can find our content using keywords, owner, file type and many other parameters, including the possibility of doing it using the OCR technique.

A fundamental feature, and how could it be otherwise, is that Google Drive was designed taking into account that the product integrates perfectly with the other services offered by Google. Thanks to this integration we will be able to attach images and photos directly from Google Drive to Google+, or to an email using Gmail. The list of possibilities is quite long, and it will be the user who will have to find the optimal utility for their work.

How to use Google Drive

As with any Google service, we can access Drive using our Gmail ID. Once we have entered the service, we will see all the files that have already been stored in Google Docs.

It is in that same location where we will find the link to download and install Google Drive on our computer. When the client is installed on the PC, we can access our files from the Windows task bar.

It should be noted that the amount of free space that we can use with Google Drive is 15 Gb , but by paying an extra we can incorporate more, this according to our requirements and needs.

Store to Google Drive from Chrome

There is no doubt that Google Drive is currently one of the most important cloud content hosting service providers on the market, not only because it is a member of the Google family, but also because of the many advantages that offers.

Nor can it be ignored that Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers, and what better idea the one they had in Mountain View than to create an extension that allows us to store files, images and whatever we can think of in Drive with just one click from Chrome .

This Chrome extension can help us store images and other content such as web pages from the Internet directly to our Google Drive account in a practical and very fast way.

“Save to Google Drive” is the name chosen for this interesting extension, which despite how not very ingenious the name may seem, can give us a hand when it comes to storing items in the cloud quickly.

How Save to Google Drive works

To start using this extension for Chrome, we only have to authorize its operation by accessing the necessary permissions from our account. Now, to be able to store any content in Google Drive, we will have to click on the right button of the mouse on the mentioned element and select the option “Save in Google Drive”.

As for the options we have available to store content in Google Drive through “Save to Google Drive”, there are four, but they perfectly cover a wide range of scenarios. They are:

  • Full page images in PNG format
  • Visible page images in PNG format
  • HTML source code of the page
  • Web file in MHT format
  • Document compatible with Google Docs

But it does not end here, since we have available one more option called “Convert to Google format”, which allows us, as its name indicates, to save all the content in a way that is optimized for Google standards. This feature is very useful if we need to store many heavy items simultaneously.

If we choose to store a file using this extension, we will have at our disposal various options with which we can perform various tasks related to this type of files, that is, open, edit, rename them or send them to the trash, among others.

“Save to Google Drive” is an extension developed essentially to allow us to save a good amount of time and effort and make our work much more productive, in addition to offering us the possibility of having those images or web pages stored in the cloud always ready to use them in any project or job we undertake. If we take into account all the advantages that this represents, we cannot stop installing it on our Chrome.

Although this very useful extension is currently only available for Google Chrome, the possibility that its developers also develop a usable version for other browsers such as Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer is not ruled out.

CarotDav: Access all online storage services in one application

For all those users who ever dreamed of having access to upload and download files to and from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, Box and others from a single interface and found no answer, this article may be the solution to your needs, since here you can find all the necessary information about a small desktop application that does precisely that magic. His name: CarotDav.

Integrate all online storage services with CarotDav

CarotDav is the answer to the prayers of many users who have long tried to find the solution to their storage needs in cloud services. Although the possibilities offered by Dropbox or Google Drive are enough for most of us, the truth is that not all of us have the same requirements, there are many users who need to have several file storage services in the cloud simultaneously.

This entails a significant cost of resources, since on average, the applications in charge of managing the movements of the files that we upload or download to these cloud services usually occupy at least 40 MB. RAM memory or more.

In order not to have to install all this application paraphernalia, we can manage the uploading or downloading of files through a web browser in each of the services, but it is an uncomfortable task and one that leads to a lot of confusion. That’s when CarotDav kicks in, showing off its ease of use and speed.

This little free application is a desktop client that is capable of connecting to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, Box and FTP accounts, and allows uploading and downloading of files through the cloud by simply dragging and dropping items, with the possibility of being able to access several accounts of the same service and an authentication process in them very simple and fast.

While this app works great, there are a number of issues developers will need to consider if they want their product to achieve higher popularity ratings. These negative points have to do primarily with the comfort and appearance of CarotDav.

The first thing that catches the attention of the software is that smell of Windows XP, which makes it seem old and incompetent for today, littered with applications compatible with the touch input system. Another flaw, more important still, is the lack of a double panel that simplifies the operation of moving files from one folder to another within a service, or between different services.

Despite these minor drawbacks, CarotDav performs wonderfully, delivering everything it promises. Without a doubt, an excellent program and very easy to use. In addition to all the advantages it provides, it is also very economical when running, which makes it very suitable for older machines or netbooks with limited RAM resources.

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