What commands does Netsh use

Let’s remember that Netsh is made up of commands and scripts that are useful for network components, both for local and remote computers.

Netsh allows commands to be abbreviated, for example, the command “ship ip int” is equivalent to “issuing show ip”

The following table lists the most commonly used netsh commands.

Command Description
.. Level up.
? o help Show online help.
show version Shows the current version of Windows and Netsh.
show netdlls Shows the installed version of the Netsh helper application.
add helper Add a new dll to Netsh helper.
delete helper Remove a Netsh helper dll.
show helper Shows the installed dll for Netsh helper.
cmd Create a new command.
online Cambia Netsh a modo online.
offline Cambia Netsh a modo offline.
set mode Cambia Netsh a modo online u offline.
show mode Shows how Netsh is running.
flush Discard any changes in offline mode.
commit Execute changes in offline mode.
set audit-logging Turns the audit facilitator on or off.
show audit-logging Shows the audit settings.
set loglevel Set access levels.
show loglevel Shows access levels.
set machine Configure the computer from which Netsh commands will be executed.
show machine Shows from which computer the Netsh commands are executed.
exec Executes a script file containing netsh commands.
quit or bye or exit Advances the Netsh tool.
add alias Add an alias to a command.
delete alias Removes the alias from a command.
show alias Shows all aliases assigned to commands.
dump Write the configuration file to a text file.

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