What are the most common hard drive failures

In general, hard drives are very robust and can be used for many years without any problems. However, keep in mind that a hard drive is a device that is subject to mechanical and electronic stress, which can cause problems in the operation of the unit. Let’s see below the most common failures that a hard drive could present:

logical flaws

Logical errors occur when the electrical part of the hard drive fails or the software (firmware) has a problem. This type of damage is usually the cheapest and easiest to repair. Unfortunately, it is also a common hard drive failure.

Media Failures

A media error could occur if the hard drive has been used for some time and the magnetic platters are scratched causing read/write errors or low level formatting issues. Once the disk platters get scratched, you start losing data and the disk will irretrievably come to an end.

head glitches

A hard drive head error occurs when the read/write head is hit hard causing the main system to fail. Because of the impact the head may have an “improper flight height” it could also happen that the wiring between the logic board and the head is faulty. Head failure is also a common type of disk failure, data recovery requires professional support a bit expensive.

mechanical failures

Mechanical errors probably make up the majority of hard drive failures. The motor burns out, the unit overheats, the bearings seize. This type of failure occurs when the drive crashes or takes a hard hit. If the mechanical failure did not affect the disks, it is possible to recover your files or documents with the help of a company that offers data recovery services.

In general, in order to avoid massive data loss in case of hard drive failure, it is recommended to install a program that creates a disk image quickly and easily. Back up as often as needed, especially if it’s an office or business computer.

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