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We propose you to train this summer in one of the specialties with the greatest projection for the coming years: Community Manager Barcelona.

Marketing has changed radically in the last decade. Now the main strategy of digital marketing is in social networks and it is necessary to train the specialists who will take charge of this management in the coming years. Do you want to be one of them ?

The profession of Community manager (or social media, so much rides so much…) is more complex than it seems at first glance. It is not just about making four comments on social networks. Establishing a marketing strategy that serves to achieve objectives , monitor results, contribute to content management and take into account SEO are some of the basic functions that the community manager attends to on a daily basis. And although it may seem less glamorous than you might have thought at first, being a Barcelona community manager is exciting!

A world 2.0 that gradually evolves to 3.0

Communicate, interact, share… these three factors are essential for the Barcelona community manager. But if you intend to become a true Social Media capable of adapting to the dizzying pace of social networks, you will have to go one step further.

The world has expanded thanks to the Internet. There is no doubt that today there are no geographical limits or barriers to access information content. The standard consumer has become more selective, more accustomed to obtaining information online, but precisely for this reason he is no longer a mere passive observer: today’s consumer wants to participate in his choice, and he has every right to do so! So today for any company the presence on the Internet is mandatory.

Learn with our course the best tools that will allow you to make a place for yourself as a community manager Barcelona. Welcome to a world in continuous evolution that will make you an expert in online marketing and network management.

What will you learn in this Community Manager Course ?

In the community manager Barcelona course you will learn to be able to understand the consumers of any company you work for in order to provide them with the information they need. It is the importance of knowing how to connect with the audience.

We will focus on the power of social networks and analyze what are the best strategies for each specific business case. Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook… we will learn to classify them and implement them in a practical way with the appropriate techniques to achieve beneficial social interaction. We will address issues such as increasing communication with followers, the differences between vertical and horizontal social networks, and we will define all the functions of the community manager.

You will also learn the differences between a blog and a website, which media are most suitable for each objective of your SMO or Social Media Optimization plan, and much more information necessary to understand the social media universe .

But above all, this community manager Barcelona course is going to be practical and you will be able to apply everything you learn in your own project that you will carry out before the end of the course.

If you’ve always wanted to be a networking professional and didn’t know where to start, now it’s easy for you. With the Barcelona community manager course you will be able to manage your own brand or work in the social media sector in Barcelona, ​​a constantly growing sector always on the lookout for new talent.

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