Community manager course

Do you enjoy interacting with people and like to be a point of reference for your friends? Then taking a community manager course can make your social skills your profession.

A community manager -or social media, as it is also sometimes called- is the person in charge of promoting the growth of a business thanks to their ability to convert their ability to relate to the public into a strategic business resource. The community manager is a figure of influence, capable of providing quality content , sharing and advising on social networks .

And it is that communication is increasingly important at all levels and both companies and well-known personalities choose to hire professionals with the appropriate knowledge to increase potential clients or followers.

Take the Community Manager Course and enjoy an exciting profession

Based on these definitions, one could think that a community manager is a kind of seller, but it would be a big mistake: the community manager does not sell any product, if we had to summarize his functions, he only represents a brand and supports it socially. Although in a more extensive and exciting way than you might initially think.

Detailed functions of the Social Media professional

Still not sure if you would like to dedicate yourself to the profession of community? Don’t worry, we are going to show you the most common functions of social media so that you can decide if the community manager course is really for you:

  1. Know the specific protocols and the particular use of the most prominent social networks: Twitter , Facebook , Pinterest , YouTube …
  2. Analyze those that may be more interesting to implement, create a solid (and quality) community of followers, and actively participate in them on behalf of the represented client.
  3. Foster brand community cohesion
  4. Create if it was not already planned a Blog for the company, manage it and update it with relevant content. Promote it and take advantage of it for our objectives of achieving visibility, using SEO techniques.
  5. Be a motivating pillar of the online community.
  6. Thank potential clients or followers, supervise the forums where the represented brand can appear, be diplomatic in the most thorny issues, and mediate to achieve an excellent image of the company.
  7. Use the potential of the community of each managed social network to manage suggestions and product improvements of the represented company.
  8. Identify and build advantageous relationships.
  9. Stay updated on social communication tools and always be attentive to new techniques that may arise.
  10. Promote proactivity between the clients of the brand and the company to serve as a link between the two.
  11. Being able to create the relevant reports with the most interesting guidelines for the company.

Community Manager Course Methodology

This course is focused in a practical way and with a very peculiar methodology:

It has a face-to-face part, taught in Barcelona, ​​in the form of master classes, and another part that is structured to be done online or if you prefer through Open Classroom, that is, you can come to our center and have the support of a tutor, as well as our fantastic facilities.

To pass the community manager course, you will have to develop a practice proposed by your teacher in which you will demonstrate your social media skills .

If you want to learn the best tricks to build influences and generate positive interactions on social media, you can’t miss this opportunity: The community manager course will optimize your communication skills and help you work in a stimulating and motivating profession.

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