Complete SAP Course

Thanks to it, students who wish to learn SAP in Bilbao obtain excellent ERP training from the beginning . This allows any student to be able to work with the SAP BUSINESS ONE management program , the most widely used by SMEs in the country.

The advantages of our complete SAP course are several:

  •  Small groups . It has been shown that professional training with small groups obtain better results and the attention is more personalized.
  • The student has the official program, not simulations . This is very important to be able to move forward safely if you have expectations of working in the SAP BUSINESS ONE area.
  • Highly qualified faculty . Ana Isabel Mieres, our teacher for this subject, is highly trained in SAP training, but she is also an expert teacher who knows how to transmit knowledge and adapt it to the needs of the students.
  • It is an Intensive Course that takes place in the mornings, so you will quickly and effectively become a specialist in SAP Business One software in less time than you imagine.

NEW CALL! We start a new edition of the Complete SAP Course

It consists of the following modules:

  1. SAP Introduction Course : In this introduction you will learn how to work with the SAP Business One software interface to understand its general operation.
  2. SAP Purchasing course . The SAP Purchasing module is basic for any company. It will help you learn to manage the warehouse and suppliers of any business.
  3. SAP Sales Course . The SAP Sales module provides the necessary information to be able to improve the commercial part and the after-sales service of an SME.
  4. SAPCRM Course . With this CRM module you will learn the necessary resources for customer loyalty.
  5. SAP Production and Logistics course . Business production management includes concepts such as cost calculation, stock and inventory control, and the necessary planning in everything related to the material produced by the company.
  6. SAP Finance Course . It is the accounting module, and one of the most important in the program. You will learn everything you need for accounting management with SAP Business One.
  7. SAP Bank Course . In the Sap Banks module you can learn to automate tasks related to cash control and processes that are widely used on a day-to-day basis with Sap software.

Learn SAP! This specialized SAP training can be subsidized by the Tripartite Foundation if you are an active worker. We also have interesting financing conditions. Consult us your case and we will assist you without any commitment.

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