Learn to create your own website

Nowadays, for any business it is essential to have your own page. If you don’t have it, you will be invisible in today’s world where everything is connected.

It is possible that you think about hiring a low-cost programmer or trying one of those pages that make you a website in a few steps. But do not be mistaken, in the end the cheap is usually expensive. Based on my experience with my students, there are better and more satisfying options.

Languages ​​needed to create Webs

The best way to learn to create Web Pages is to know the HTML language (yes, that code with which websites are written that is still indecipherable for you…)

But you’ll be thinking “that’s very difficult and I won’t be able to” because that depends… on you.

As a teacher, I think that the best way to learn to create a Web is to follow a methodology based on practice; with support that guides you and encourages you to move forward.

In reality, you need very few things to get started in the world of web creation; With any computer, a text editor, and a browser to test, you will see how you progress while having fun.

The creation process: HTML5 and CSS3

Basically, a Web page is visually pleasing information that allows the visitor to interact and offers a suitable structure so that you can find the information you need as quickly and efficiently as possible . To achieve this goal there is a language to write the necessary code, it’s great, isn’t it? …

Well, it’s called HTML, and with its latest version, which is HTML5 , it allows us to insert any multimedia element on our site. Do not worry, because it is not complicated at all to learn to use.

In addition, you will still need more elements: you have to express yourself and show the full potential of your page, designing it to your liking and with an impressive appearance. For the layout and design of our website we will use style sheets. Its acronyms are CSS ; and with the most current standard, which is CSS3, you can add color, good looks to HTML elements and even animations and 3D effects, without the need to use anything other than our favorite browser .

How can a web creation course help me?

As a teacher at CIPSA, nothing makes me happier than when my students tell me that they have an idea for their website and are already implementing it.

In our computer academies we will teach you how hosting works to host your page ; how to correctly design your website, and of course, be adapted to mobile devices ; how to make it dynamic and have a neat and modern look, while also following the latest standards in Web creation .

We are going to help you create web pages that respect HTML standards and are well designed. From there you will be prepared for all kinds of projects, even if they are more ambitious, such as creating large-scale websites.

And best of all, you can combine your studies with the creation of your project. So… don’t hesitate any longer and go for it! You can also learn to create your own website.

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