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Sharepoint is a content manager (CRM) capable of providing companies with interesting and flexible applications such as corporate intranets and communication solutions that make  efficient use of business resources possible .

These features make Sharepoint a valuable organizational tool. On the other hand, being a technical and very specific training, it provides professionals who master Share Point a very competitive employment advantage, making it an interesting training for any programmer, analyst and person with concerns who wants to stand out with an organizational knowledge to business level.

6 smart utilities to get the most out of SharePoint

  1. With Sharepoint you can develop a collaborative wiki in an integrated environment that allows you to edit joint information immediately.
  2. In a company it is vital to have important information always available. With this CRM, databases can be created in reading mode that, despite disasters and technical problems, are always operational and at hand.
  3. With Sharepoint permissions can be established by levels for the different profiles of the company. This protects confidential information while remaining accessible to authorized users.
  4. Through this tool it is possible to create a thematic portal and decide which Internet users can enter it.
  5. With this content manager, a company’s digital documents  can be efficiently organized using sites and libraries. In this way Sharepoint would be like the filing cabinet, the sites would act as file drawers, and the libraries and other items would be the individual folders in the file drawers.
  6. This complete CRM allows you to create a master calendar that overlaps up to 10 different calendars. This gives you an overview schedule with a summary of, for example, all team schedules.
  7. With Sharepoint you can automate tasks in a personalized way tailored to the company.

These are just some of the many features that can be enjoyed with this content manager, and learning Share Point well is the best way to make the most of this potential.

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