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Do you want to learn how to make dynamic and spectacular websites ? With the WordPress Barcelona course you will become an expert in functional websites with an impressive design.

WordPress is an efficient CMS or put more simply: it is a Content Manager System or Content Management System (counted in plain language). This tool -which is free and free- is basically used to create pages that can be quickly updated and that serve, as its name suggests, to share content. For this reason, a wordpress specialist technician is capable of professionally editing, publishing and classifying the contents of a web page.

WordPress is designed in the PHP programming language and is made up of two different parts: the back, which is where the WordPress specialist publishes the content, and the front, which is the place where website visitors view this content.

The advantage of the wordpress tool is that it incredibly simplifies the process of creating web pages and provides a modern and pleasant aesthetic to any “site” created with it. There are also many templates, either paid or free, with which to find the right design for almost any project.

You may think that being unemployed or a student you are not interested in taking a WordPress course in Barcelona, ​​but nothing is further from the truth.

Having and managing your own web page -either in blog format or using your own domain but taking advantage of wordpress as an environment- will allow you to have a very powerful interactive resume. On the one hand you will be able to show your knowledge in an attractive way to a wide and potential market, on the other hand you will be building your own personal image that will benefit you when it comes to gaining credibility and employment.

Taking a WordPress Course in Barcelona with Cipsa can also help you take a step further and encourage you to create web pages professionally , so taking this course is always a wise decision.

What are you going to learn with the WordPress Barcelona course?

With Cipsa’s wordpress course you will learn from scratch , so you don’t need to have prior knowledge of even PHP programming, since ready-made templates are basically used to create websites on the wordpress platform.

Even so, implementing a WordPress template professionally is not as easy as it seems, and we will be by your side to show you all the necessary tricks to solve the most common problems in the WordPress environment.

The wordpress Barcelona course will show you in detail the most used concepts of the platform:

  • Locating the right template for any project
  • template installation
  • WordPress environment management
  • Differences between pages and posts
  • Comment Management
  • menu design
  • Plugins: What are they, what are they for? Review of the most interesting plugins.
  • Most frequent errors and quick solutions
  • Modification of parameters
  • Images, the importance of the right measure
  • Backups
  • Link and slug optimization
  • Make the most of social networks with wordpress
  • SEO, how to take it into account to achieve spectacular results with WordPress

The WordPress Barcelona course is perfect for you if…

This wordpress Barcelona course is perfect for you if you find yourself in any of these situations:

  1. You are a student / unemployed / self-employed / person with concerns and you want to enhance your Internet services with a custom-made page for yourself
  2. You live near Barcelona and are looking for a course with good job prospects
  3. You are a designer or liberal professional and you want to expose your work to the rest of the world

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