Design Courses in BCN, Reflections on passion and profession

If you are creative and have been able to enjoy one of the editions of the Barcelona Design Week, surely you have thought about taking design courses and broadening your knowledge in the field of creativity.

And it is that in the month of June the Barcelona Design Week , the International Contest, is normally held in the Ciudad Condal , where each year experiences about the world of Design are shared. In 2014, for example, they began by betting heavily on the future of young designers with a conference by Ron Arad  that aimed to stimulate business success in the world of design. This 2015 highlighted the impressive “Timeless Massimo Vignelli” Exhibition, which brought together 54 national and international graphic designers who wanted to pay tribute to this well-known designer (creator of design campaigns such as the Benetton branding, among many other brilliant projects in the sector).

And thinking about all these professional design editions, we have realized that there are many young people from the city who will attend this event that could be happening to them as it has happened to a large number of people: that despite wanting to do design courses in bcn because they really enjoy this subject they have not yet realized that they can turn their passion for design into a source of income with the right resources .

But sometimes, you can be creative, and yet we don’t know how to take advantage of the potential that we have. Who has not ever had the experience that after having a brilliant idea in mind, they had to abandon it (after hours of frustration) because they did not have the necessary tools or training resources to be able to express it?

Fortunately there are design courses in bcn for all tastes and needs. We offer you graphic design courses that will allow you, for example, to access jobs in advertising agencies. In them you will learn everything you need to know about the ideal resources to be able to create vector logos and design banners and advertising material. Illustrator, 3Dstudio, Photoshop, Indesign… they all share the same goal: that you can express your creative power and benefit from it professionally .

But if what you have always liked is technical drawing, we have some courses that you will love. Consult our Autocad and virtual reality design courses in bcn. Learn to create surprisingly realistic environments and make compositions and professional methodical demonstrations in the heart of Barcelona.

On the other hand, if you aspire to work from home as a freelancer , you will enjoy our design courses in Bcn for the Web. PHP and HTML open the doors to being able to design dynamic Web pages and take advantage of all the benefits of the WordPress platform.

Another variety of courses that are very popular are the “two in one”: courses that allow you to access the best of two specialties. We offer you within this range the Programming and Design course , which combines three practical tools: Html and CSS, two essential for programming, with the most practical programs used in design: Illustrator and Photoshop. In addition, you will get to know a very practical mixed resource: Muse, which mixes the programming in a visual way so that you can make Web pages quickly.

If you want your creativity to be your livelihood, try it now! Make the most of your time studying design courses in bcn. Also remember that you have the option of obtaining university credits recognized throughout the EU and special bonuses if you are an active worker.

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