How to detect spyware on your computer

How to detect spyware on computer: Are you looking for a way to detect spyware? The main goal of spyware is not to be detected. Some symptoms that allow detecting that a computer has a spy program installed are:

  • The web browser takes you to some adult sites or whatever you don’t intend to visit.
  • The computer is running extremely slow.
  • You get “invalid page fault” or “ground protection error” messages, this means that the software on your computer is blocked.

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To detect spyware you can:

How to detect spyware on computer: Run Netstat

Netstat is a Windows command line that will show you network processes as well as the ports they are using. However, if you don’t know what is already being used on your system and what is uncommon, then you won’t know exactly which is which.

Run an anti-malware program

How to detect spyware on computer: Running an antimalware program is one of the safest ways to detect spyware on your phone or computer. Most antivirus programs do not have the option to scan for malware. Malware includes spyware, Trojans, and adware. Some of these malicious programs are not detectable by an antivirus, but are discovered by the antimalware scan.



How to detect spyware on computer: System resources

Another surefire way to find out if someone is monitoring your computer is through computing resources. If there is an unusual strain on the computer’s resources, then there could be newly installed software. If you didn’t install the program yourself, it could be malicious and possible spyware.

Run a firewall

Firewalls alert you to any activity on your computer or phone. The firewall also helps you keep an eye on any suspicious activity or software. So you can tell when a program is sending data to another server, it could be spyware. Try ZoneAlarm Pro or Total Defense Internet Security Suite, both are pretty good.

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