Difference Between IOS and Android

Although at present, the market for mobile operating systems is perfectly divided into two camps, Android and iOS, the OS of Apple cell phones, the truth is that as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, They are not the only systems that exist, since we have available many companies that are developing software of these characteristics, and that we can enjoy on other cell phones that are not the most popular and famous. Difference Between IOS and Android android vs ios users

In the following lines we are going to see a list of the main mobile operating systems that we can find on the market. android vs ios users

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Android Difference Between IOS and Android

There is no doubt that Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world. This OS is responsible for motorizing thousands of models of smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, wearable devices and other devices around the world.

The Android operating system was acquired a long time ago by Google from a company named in the same way, which had a very promising development, which Google had been supporting financially, and which was based on the Linux kernel. Difference Between IOS and Android android vs ios users

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Android is that it is an open source operating system and is freely distributed, which allows many developers to use it as the operating system of their own designs. In this sense, we can find countless tablets and smart phones with Android as OS of recognized manufacturers such as LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei and others, but also devices of unknown origin and manufacturers, such as most tablets and phones of so-called “Chinese”.

The fact that it is a free and open source mobile operating system , and the flexibility when it comes to being modified to reuse it for other purposes, also make it one of the most sought after operating systems by amateur developers and manufacturers or which are just beginning to be installed on multiple devices, as evidenced by hundreds of devices awaiting funding on Kickstarter.

Another point where Android stands out, and that possibly distances it far from other mobile operating systems, is its application store, Google Play. In this sense, Android has approximately 3,000,000 apps ready to be downloaded and used , for which all we will need is an account with Google. This impressive number of apps is divided between free and paid applications, but there are many more free apps than the others.

At this point we have to emphasize that Google Play is not the only place where we can get apps for Android, since we can also have other stores that are not official, but also offer countless software that may no longer be available for its use on Google Play. Difference Between IOS and Android

Some of these unofficial stores, better known as alternatives to Google Play , are Aptoide, XDA Labs, F-Droid, which only deal with open source Android software, Uptodown, APK Mirror and APK Pure, among others. However, we must be especially cautious when downloading software from these sites, as it may contain malware, just like some of the Google Play apps.

Android occupies the place that it currently occupies among hardware manufacturers, developers and the general public due to all these particularities, and also because it is a very simple system to use and customize, that is, practically all the modules that compose it can be modified to suit our taste, through the tools that are offered from the factory or through third-party programs with the well-known root procedure, with which various aspects of the phone can be modified in depth or tablet.


The other heavyweight of mobile operating systems. In this case, unlike Android, iOS is directly associated with a specific type of hardware, so it will be practically impossible for us to obtain a copy of it to be able to use it in our projects. iOS is a paid and closed source mobile operating system, developed in 2007 by Apple originally for the purpose of being used on the iPhone, but was later adapted for other Apple devices such as the iPod and iPad.

According to computer security experts, iOS is a very secure mobile operating system with a high resistance to attacks, mainly due to its roots based on Unix and its permission system, which give it a strength that is usually only seen in computers. derived from that system like Linux. Difference Between IOS and Android

In this sense, one of the most well-known security features of iOS is activation by iCloud, a procedure by which, in case of theft or loss, it allows blocking or disabling the device if we do not have the credentials to access said service. Difference Between IOS and Android

Users and experts also tend to highlight the stability of this mobile operating system, which is fundamentally due to having been developed around specific hardware, taking advantage of each of its advantages. If we add an excellent programming design to this, we obtain a very solid product with high performance, something that few systems can boast.

At this point, the fact that Android can be downloaded and used in practically anything, also works against, since it is usually installed on devices with insufficient hardware to be able to run it correctly, which translates into a bad user experience for the consumer. Difference Between IOS and Android

As iOS is a mobile operating system developed to run only in certain hardware scenarios, it assures the user that their cell phone will always have the best performance, regardless of the version of the phone they are using.

Regarding the functionalities of iOS, it offers practically the same as any of the other modern operating systems: widgets, notifications, battery consumption monitoring, app folders, touch shortcuts, song recognition and other options, but it also has with its own characteristics such as 3D Touch technology, the possibility of eliminating pre-installed applications that do not serve us, a true scourge on Android and of course Siri, its virtual assistant, which allows us to activate multiple functions of the device only with our voice.

Also, in the same way as Android, it has an app store, perhaps not as stocked as Google’s, but let’s not forget that it is an operating system that is dependent on specific hardware, which reduces its dialing quota. Similarly, in the iOS application store we can find all kinds of excellent quality software, both free and paid.

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