Setting goals in Digital Marketing: Engagement

Today we are going to cover more data that we have to take into account to create our marketing objectives. Specifically, we are going to explain what engagement is and how it can help us improve our Digital Strategy.

We also see how ROI is the best defense of our work. If we generate a higher return on the investment that our client/project makes in Marketing, we are doing it right ; always depending on the objectives that we have or have imposed on us, of course. Remember, optimistic yes, but also realistic.

So let’s go one step further. In today’s post you will discover an objective as interesting as it is desired in Digital Marketing:  Engagement.

What is engagement?

Engagement is a word that is very fashionable, but not everyone fully understands the concept. The engagement could be translated as an implication or solidity of the commitment of the clients with a brand/project/business .

A simple and understandable description is that engagement is “the addiction” that our customers have towards our company, or towards the services/products we provide.

For example, it would be the reaction of the typical user, friend, buyer who whenever we publish something on Social Networks, Blog, etc… shares, Retweets, and gives us a positive comment (that very nice and special person…).

Although initially it may seem somewhat irrelevant, these “engaged” users can become one of our greatest sales forces at the Online level, where relationships are usually quite impersonal. You will all know the importance of Mouth-Ear or Mouth-Mouth (Just the fact of how to call this concept could give us an entire article :D)

The Evolution of the Engaged User: Brand Advocate

We have started by defining what engagement is. Now let’s go one step further to see how it is possible for our “engaged” user to end up evolving into a more interesting profile: The Brand Advocate , a Passionate Defender of our Brand.

These people are customers who have had a good experience and recommend our products or services without expecting anything in return ; merely the social currency of recommending a product or service that has done well for them.

A Brand Advocate committed to our brand can be as or more effective than any paid commercial; As there is no economic consideration, the potential client to whom you are talking about our brand sees you as an objective and reliable interlocutor.

For this reason, these types of referrals sponsored by engaged users are usually extremely powerful and generate very positive interactions and results.

Creating an engagement strategy that takes into account Brand Advocate and other types of users that generate interaction and visibility of our products or services on social networks should be one of the objectives to work on in any Digital Marketing strategy.

Conclusions: We have seen that clear and measurable objectives allow us to analyze how our marketing strategy is working. This way we can focus on what is working or what is not working in order to modify our strategy if necessary.

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