Do not stay behind and update your knowledge with our new office automation courses

Office automation courses are more important than it seems. Today it is essential to have a minimal command of new technologies. They are increasingly present in our lives and in a few years, all those people who have not been updated to be able to function and adapt to them will be practically labeled digitally illiterate.

On the other hand, those people who  took office automation courses years ago will find themselves  in real trouble, since these types of programs have varied a lot and if they have not invested in an update, going back to work with the most modern versions of office can mean losses. time and trust.

You have to take into account that although the functionality of the different programs that make up the package is the same, the graphical environment or the appearance changes from one version to another.

User needs evolve, and with them the solutions that Microsoft proposes and implements in its office suite.

The selection of Office 2013 office automation courses that we propose at CIPSA is made up of two different levels: a basic office automation course and a MOS certified office automation course. With them you can cover all your needs

  • Get started if you lack prior knowledge
  • Update if  you have them but need a set-up to work efficiently with the Office 2013 package, which is the most widely used version today.

What new features will I find in the Office 2013 office automation course?

  • New appearance , more orderly and intuitive.
  • Compatibility with Smartphones and tablets
  • Multiple accessibility taking advantage of the functionality of the cloud
  • Support for devices that don’t have Office installed
  • Ease of sharing , files, documents, meetings.
  • Choice of original and practical templates

If you have computer knowledge at the user level…

Keep in mind that in today’s competitive job market, that hackneyed phrase no longer works . Knowledge must be accredited more and more . The great offer of people for the same job means that companies can afford to choose the best, and in this case, “the best” are those who can reliably certify their knowledge.

We can offer you the training you need to accredit your knowledge of office automation in three different ways:

  • Microsoft Official Certification
  • Fernando Pessoa University Certification
  • Microsoft CIPSA Leverage Certification

We encourage you to get started and sign up for our Office 2013 office automation courses. We will be by your side so that you acquire the confidence you need and the certificates that will improve your resume. Find out! Our telephone numbers are 934 265 087 (Barcelona) or 944 483 133 (Bilbao).

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